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Warzone: Underground Fast Travel Explained – How to Use Minecart System

Find out how the brand new Warzone fast travel underground minecart system works and how to use it in Season 3 Reloaded!

Warzone Season 3 has reached the midpoint, where Raven Software always drops a big update to freshen up the season. This time an innovative underground fast travel system via minecarts is being added to Caldera.

With the new Warzone Classified Arms Reload update, many new features are coming to the Battle Royale. Including a brand new underground fast travel system via a minecart, similar to the old Verdansk travel system.  

The Redeploy Token and Gulag Token as well as the Serpentine Perk are also new additions coming along with the mid-season update.

Warzone Underground

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How Does Warzone’s Fast Travel Underground Transit System Work?

There are 14 Underground Access Points across Caldera that the player can use to fast travel.

In order to take full advantage of this new feature, players will have to find one of these 14 access points around Caldera.

Some veteran players might be familiar with some of the locations, as seven access points are additional rooms in the hidden Nebula 5 bunkers, from Season Two.

The other seven locations are small hatches that have a ladder that leads down into the greater hub.

When you are inside, you’ll need to approach the interior hatch and move towards the minecart.

Blindly traveling into an unseen location in Warzone is not the smartest choice to make. However, some indicators suggest if it’s safe or not such as gas vents and warning lights.

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Warzone Hatch

If the overhead light is green, it’s suggested that there is no immediate danger, but if the light is a different color, you might want to change plans.

If there is no indicator and the gas is coming through the vent, that means that fast travel is not an option anymore.

That is the run-through of the new underground fast travel system coming to Warzone later today, which will definitely help keep Caldera feeling fresh.

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Let us know in the comments what you think about the new fast travel system!

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