Warzone fans are complaining that the skill gap in the game is too much, and the player count is dropping because of it!

Only one squad can win in Warzone, making the game extremely competitive every single match. And while the high-stakes nature makes the game exciting, it can also contribute to a frustrating experience.

Unfortunately, many gamers are finding Warzone more aggravating than enjoyable right now, as they are struggling to get wins.

But is the skill gap in Warzone actually too big, and what has caused Warzone to become more difficult?

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Warzone’s Skill Gap is Too Much for Some Players

A popular post on the Warzone subreddit complains about how it is much harder to win in Warzone than it used to be, even compared to a year ago.

The poster, DippySwitch, says: “Every time I load into a game, I’m gonna get annihilated” and believes the game is now “full of sweats”. They also warn that difficult lobbies are going to cause people to stop playing the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of the Warzone community feels similarly and believes that the game has gotten much harder recently. But why are wins harder to get now?

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Why Has Warzone Become More Difficult?

There are two reasons why Warzone is more difficult now than it has ever been. Firstly, players have had a long time to improve at the game, and secondly, a lot of casual players aren’t playing Warzone any more.

Back when Warzone launched, everyone was getting used to the game, working out the most powerful weapons and finding the best ways to win. Now, most players have dozens (if not hundreds) of hours playing Warzone, and everyone is using meta weapon loadouts!

Additionally, the Warzone player base has decreased since launch, with many casual players playing less often or dropping off entirely. This means that the players who are left are dedicated Warzone fans who are better at the game instead of casual gamers.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to make Warzone easier for casual players without making SBMM even more strict than it is. And doing this would make hardcore players even more unhappy about skill-based matchmaking!

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