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Warzone Fans Want Rebirth Island Night Mode to Return in ‘The Haunting’

The new Warzone Halloween event has introduced an exciting new game mode, but where is the night-time Rebirth Island map?

Halloween is right around the corner, but the spooky seasonal event in Warzone is already live. Plus, it has added a new game mode and loads of content to Warzone too.

Warzone players have been dropping into the new Ghosts of Verdansk game mode. However, the Halloween theme is limited to just this map.

This is a major disappointment for Warzone fans who prefer the smaller map, Rebirth Island.

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Warzone Rebirth Island Night

Warzone Players Want Reborth Island Night Mode to Return at Halloween

Warzone players have wanted the night-time Rebirth Island map to return for ages now. And many thought that ‘The Haunting’ would be the perfect time to bring it back.

However, the event has arrived the and fan-favorite map is missing. Hundreds of players on the Warzone subreddit see this as a major missed opportunity.

Not only would this allow for faster gameplay, whilst keeping the Halloween spirit, but it would also let hopefully give players a chance to get away from the broken Fear mechanic in Ghosts of Verdansk.

Rebirth Island Night not returning as part of ‘The Haunting’ is just another reason why players think that last year’s Warzone Halloween event was better.

Don’t lose hope just yet, though. Raven Software could add the game mode back into the game over the Halloween period as part of one of the weekly playlist updates. Let’s hope this is the case.

While many Warzone fans are disappointed with ‘The Haunting’, others are enjoying the new content. In addition to a load of Halloween challenges in Warzone and Cold War, there is also the brand-new LAPA SMG to unlock.

Meanwhile, even if the spooky night-time Rebirth Island map isn’t in Warzone right now, you can still be frightening using these two new operators:

Finally, there’s no better time to hop into Call of Duty than this weekend. Find out when the Warzone and Cold War October Double XP Weekend begins.

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