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Warzone Fans Want Raven Software to Be Replaced by New Developer

Warzone fans aren’t happy with the current state of the game and are calling for Raven Software to be replaced as lead developer.

The last few years have been a whirlwind for Activision. Warzone, which was initially just a Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare, become a worldwide phenomenon, and it somehow broke the Call of Duty annual cycle.

Although COD games only ever get support for a single year before developers move on, Warzone is still around and kicking to this day. In fact, the Warzone Pacific update just added a brand-new map to the game, almost 2 years on from release.

But like many Call of Duty titles, Warzone isn’t without its fair share of issues. In fact, it’s fair to say that Warzone is completely broken in some aspects, and feels held together by a few lines of code in places.

Warzone Pacific

For example, players are currently falling underneath the Caldera map. And the new Krampus update is making Warzone unplayable for some users.

So it’s no surprise that Warzone fans have had enough of Raven Software’s development.

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Should Warzone Pacific Get a New Developer?

In a new post on the CODWarzone subreddit, fans call for Raven Software’s replacement as lead developer of Warzone.

Those who played Warzone near launch may recognize the game as being developed by Infinity Ward, developer of Modern Warfare. However, Raven Software has been in the driver’s seat for some time now, at least since the Black Ops Cold War integration.

And with Warzone currently feeling more broken than ever before, fans aren’t happy with the company’s efforts.

“I have nothing personal against Raven but objectively the game has lost quality,” Reddit user StomachFunny2860 writes. “Also the fact that every year a new game is released by three different companies leads to that. Infinity Ward should take care of Warzone.”

The user isn’t the only one calling for the return of Infinity Ward, but the studio is a little too busy to come back right now. After all, we just got our first image of Modern Warfare 2 leaking online early!

Modern Warfare

And it’s worth noting that Raven Software isn’t even the only team working on Warzone right now. Several Activision side studios are assisting with the Battle Royale, and change is on the way.

Not only is Raven more vocal with fans than ever before but Warzone cheaters are now a thing of the past!

Plus, this popular Warzone feature is back by popular demand, after days of waiting. And big nerfs are coming to some overpowered Warzone Pacific weapons too.

But many fans won’t be happy until the FOV slider finally arrives in Warzone on console. Perhaps the opinion of Raven Software will change if the developer can deliver that popular request.

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Comments 5



Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Raven wouldn't be so bad if they listen to the players. They should of cancelled the krampus event and focused on fixing areas of the game.

Everyone on playstation can not play it as they crash with ce-108255-1 error.

Xbox are getting the Xbox live error.

Yes it's a new map and yes there will be bugs. But fix the bugs not release store content for people to buy.

Right now I refuse to even try playing this awful game with all these bugs. I'm not going to get my ps5 bricked because of it.

I'll stick to destiny 2 for now.

If it's not fixed by end of January then raven should be dismissed from it and get an alternative developer to take over.

All I hope is when MW2 (2022) is released I hope infinity ward create warzone on new engine and listen to the players.

Keegan Johnson

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Raven are a great studio who deserve better than to be CODs clean up crew. COD is still using the Quake3 engine, the "new engine for MW19" was BS, they redid the lighting again and fed it more RAM. Fine enough for MP and campaign but Warzone really needs an engine made for big outdoor levels. CryEngine would be perfect but God forbid they have to put any real investment into making a decent product...


Tuesday 21st of December 2021

There are some hot takes in here that sound like the typical critic goblins of the internet age that create an echo chamber that developers give too much power to influence the game. The map is brand new and, expectedly, has bugs. There are internal issues causing walkouts, and QA is obviously lacking in patch releases. Caldera is fun in my own opinion, and the festival things are a good change of pace with the addition of Krampus. Raven getting the reins a year or so in does not mean all the warzone issues go away overnight. Same goes with a new map release. Based on their community interaction, they are at least showing they are aware of the issues and are working on them. If you know everything that needs to be done, fill out a job application or something.

Garry Fraijo

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

No,this doesn't hit home. Someone obviously can't compete. Find a new source. Now that ricochet is in place the game is poised to regrow. The real story is based on how developers may try to jump on Activision bandwagon to sue for a bigger piece of the pie. The litigation is an obvious play for more money than they ever imagined. Using employees to pressure factions or squeeze different parts of the business for more money and leaving the CEO to apologize and take the rap? Now thats a story... but it happens everyday in a corporate setting.

Stephen Grace

Tuesday 21st of December 2021

Gaming journalism is dead. Reddit posts ain't news.