Warzone has had 4 large-scale maps so far, but would a rotation between all of these maps be a good idea?

Since Warzone launched back in 2020, there have been 4 large-scale maps. Depsite this, once a new full-sized map arrives in the game, the previous one is removed entirely.

This has led players to call for all 4 of them to be playable at once by using a map rotation system.

Fans Ask For Rotation of Large Battle Royale Maps

A popular post from Warzone player Chains-of-Ice on Reddit suggests that Raven Software should add a map rotation system for large-scale battle royale maps.

This would rotate between Urikstan, Al Mazrah, Caldera, and Verdansk on a weekly basis.

The idea behind this is that it would keep the game feeling fresh and get players excited about playing on all of the maps throughout Warzone’s history so far.

Even players who don’t agree with bringing back all of the maps (with many complaining about Caldera) think that a map rotation system would be a great idea. Plus, multiple maps would be a great addition to the upcoming Warzone Ranked mode!

Despite this, there’s a pretty good reason why Warzone doesn’t have a map rotation system for the larger maps yet.

warzone caldera map

Why Isn’t There Map Rotation in Warzone?

The likely reason that there is no map rotation in Warzone is that it would take up a huge amount of memory on your console or PC’s storage.

Between Warzone and MW3, the Call of Duty application already takes up around 200GB, depending on your platform.

This is a massive amount of memory, and adding 3 more large Warzone maps to that would likely push it closer to 300 GB – if not more!

Verdansk Coming Back in MW3

Clearly, Activision is happy to rotate the smaller maps like Vondel and Ashika Island and will also rotate Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep when they return to Warzone. However, having multiple Urzikstan-sized maps could frustrate players with a huge install.

Hopefully, the Warzone developer finds a way of having at least one more large-scale battle royale map in rotation without pushing the file size up too much. Until then, we will have to make do with just one large-sized map at a time.

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