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Warzone Fans Want Iron Trials ’84 LTM to Return in Next Playlist Update

The latest Warzone playlist has removed the Iron Trials ’84 LTM, but players are already asking for the game mode to return!

Warzone is all about Battle Royale. It is the game mode it is most known for and has historically been the most played mode too.

The game has experimented with limited-time modes beforehand, like Clash 50v50 or Payload. However, none of them have proved to be particularly popular until the limited-time Iron Trials ’84 mode arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The game mode increased the TTK, allowing for more tactical gameplay, and was a breath of fresh air for Warzone. Additionally, it added mysterious new ‘Redacted’ weapons with 8 attachments and made players experiment with loadouts for the first time in ages.

It was such a hit, in fact, that Warzone players wanted Iron Trials to stay forever.

Unfortunately, this was not to be and Raven Software removed it in the last Warzone Playlist update. But when will it return?

Warzone Iron Trials

When is Warzone Iron Trials ’84 Coming Back?

Thursday’s Warzone playlist update replaced Iron Trials with Realism BR, which JGOD believes has no SBMM. However, players are still not happy as they preferred it to standard Battle Royale.

Luckily, players can hope that Iron Trials makes a return in Warzone soon, even if it was a limited-time mode. This is for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Iron Trials ’84 got an update that added the Specialist Token and more. Warzone LTMs don’t usually undergo such large changes, so it shows that Raven wanted to improve the mode – possibly for a second run.

Unfortunately, there is no information on whether Iron Trials will return at this point. Although, if it does, it will be in one of the weekly playlist updates that happen every Thursday.

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Warzone Iron Trials

Secondly, Iron Trials ’84 could return to Warzone under a new name. Warzone players believe that Iron Trials was a test run for a ranked mode in Warzone.

Therefore, don’t be surprised to see it come back soon with a few tweaks and a ranking system.

The perfect time to introduce a ranked mode in Warzone would be alongside the new Pacific map and improved anti-cheat system. Let’s hope to see it there!


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