Warzone players are still fed up with the fog that reduces visibility in the Vondel map and want Raven Software to remove it!

Vondel, the mid-sized map based on Amsterdam, arrived in Warzone in June 2023 and it has been a fan-favorite ever since. However, there is one aspect of the map that most players find very frustrating.

In some matches, Vondel will be covered in a thick layer of fog. While this adds some extra atmosphere to the map, it also drastically reduces visibility and makes long-range gunfights much more difficult.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that players are fed up with the fog!

Warzone Vondel Fog

Warzone Players Still Hate the Fog in Vondel

A popular post on the Warzone subreddit by _SMILE343_ asks Raven Software to remove the fog from Vondel because it “makes the game look horrible” and “serves 0 purpose”.

Many players agree that Vondel would be better without the fog, but not just because of how it makes the game look.

The other reason that players want the fog removed is because it significantly reduces the visibility on the map. This makes long-range gunfights much harder and sniping almost impossible!

byu/_SMILE343_ from discussion

On the other hand, some players enjoy the fog on Vondel. Redditor No_Okra9230 praises the variety, fun and randomness it brings to the game. The example they give is that it makes close-range guns and thermal optics stronger.

From our experience, the fog on Vondel also reduces the amount of rooftop campers – that’s certainly a win for everyone!

byu/_SMILE343_ from discussion

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, it seems unlikely that Warzone developer Raven Software will remove the fog from Vondel entirely.

The studio already decreased the likelihood of fog appearing in Vondel after initial fan complaints about the rare weather appearing. Therefore, entirely removing fog may be a step too far.

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