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Warzone Fans Think ADS Speed Changes Will Reduce Skill Gap

Warzone fans aren’t happy about the upcoming ADS speed changes as it will reduce the skill gap in the game!

With well over 100 guns in Warzone now, players have to consider every statistic when picking their weapons. One of the most overlooked stats of any gun in Warzone is aim-down-sight speed.

However, Raven has announced that there will be some huge changes to ADS speed in an upcoming Warzone update. This will definitely change the meta in the game.

What’s more, many Warzone fans are unhappy with this proposed change. This is because a slower ADS speed will reduce the skill gap in Warzone yet again!

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Warzone Slower ADS Speed Will Cater For Low-Skill Players

Many Warzone players have quit due to major glitches and issues in the game. However, developer Raven Software might upset hardcore fans of the game even more with this change!

A new post on the Warzone subreddit explains why slowing down ADS speed in Warzone will be bad for the game.

The post says that slowing ADS speed down will cater to casual players. This is because it will make the pace of the game much slower and, therefore, make advanced movement mechanics much less powerful.

This, in turn, will favor campers who hide in buildings. Nobody wants that, especially with everyone using the most overpowered weapon in Warzone right now!

Instead of making ADS speed slower in Warzone, poster u/DefunctHunk_COD suggests a change that almost everyone could get behind.

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Warzone Pacific

Players wanted the Iron Trials ’84 game mode to stay forever thanks to the increased amount of health making gunfights mores skill-based. Therefore, instead of making ADS time slower, Raven could just change the amount of base health for everyone.

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This would be an easier way to increase the TTK, like Raven said it wanted to do. Plus, it would also go down a lot better with players.

Hopefully, Raven sees this post and changes the direction of the upcoming update. Nobody wants slower ADS speed making Warzone feel sluggish!

At least the upcoming update should have a fix for the game-breaking Buy Station crashing and freezing glitch though.

Meanwhile, Warzone is getting yet another amazing crossover soon. Check out the leaked Attack on Titan bundle in Warzone.

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