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Warzone Fans Hate OP Serpentine Perk

Warzone players have finally had enough of the Serpentine Perk in Season 4- here’s why it is so frustrating!

Every Warzone player wants to be the last squad standing and leave with a win. Therefore, they will use any advantage they can get if it takes them to victory.

Of course, most players will be using one of the best meta weapon loadouts in Warzone Season 4 to be better equipped than their opponents. However, there is much more than just guns that players can use to their advantage.

Equipment and Perks can also be the difference between life and death in Warzone and there is one Perk in particular, Serpentine, which has drawn the ire of many players.

Make sure you know the best Perks for each map in Warzone Season 4 before you find out why Serpentine is so unpopular!

Warzone Serperntine Perk

Warzone Serpentine Perk Causes Inconsistent TTK

While it’s fair to say that Warzone is in a good state right now, players still have a few complaints about the game.

Of course, there have been complaints about the campers on Fortune’s Keep as well as the new ‘Roze 3.0’ invisible skin. However, what Warzone fans seem to be most annoyed with right now is the Serpentine Perk.

Serpentine is a Perk that reduces damage by 20% while you are sprinting. Unfortunately, players on the Warzone subreddit have been complaining about it a lot recently.

Not only does it make TTK extremely inconsistent in Warzone but, in many cases, the Serpentine Perk seems to make players almost invincible while sprinting away. This is demonstrated perfectly by a new clip shared by Redditor u/Villabrus.

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In the replies to this clip, players call it “the dumbest Perk ever added”. Meanwhile, others say it is a “joke” and don’t believe that it only reduces damage by 20%.

Unfortunately, it looks like Warzone players will have to accept the Serpentine Perk. This is because Raven has never removed any Perks from the game before.

Although, developer Raven Software could adjust how powerful it is in an upcoming patch. After all, Radar Jammers just got a huger nerf in Warzone!

In other news, you’ll want to know the fastest way to level up guns in Warzone! This will save you plenty of time unlocking the best attachments.

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