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Warzone Fans Hate the DMR Changes – Was It Even Nerfed?

The DMR changes finally went live in Warzone yesterday, but fans are not happy with it. Was the gun even nerfed?

The DMR-14 was the most powerful gun that Warzone has ever seen. Players were using this insane loadout to kill players almost instantly and get easy wins.

Warzone fans waited patiently for a nerf and out of nowhere, Raven finally decided to release a balancing patch yesterday. This patch nerfed all of the most overpowered guns in Warzone, or so players thought.

However, now that players have their hands on the post-nerf DMR, many are extremely angry. Lots of them can’t even tell the difference.

Warzone DMR Changes

Raven tweeted that the DMR would get increased recoil and lower damage in Warzone. However, the DMR changes seem to be very minimal to some players, or completely unnoticeable to others.

Many players who were bored with Warzone are now very disappointed and may stop playing the game again. Fans are now making fun of the nerf and sharing overpowered DMR gameplay on the Warzone subreddit.

Plenty of content creators were also initially happy with the news of a balancing patch. NICKMERCS initially called the patch a W but changed his mind after playing a game of Warzone.

Streamer Speros also showed how the DMR’s recoil has barely been changed in this Warzone gameplay clip on Twitter. Even if the headshot damage has been reduced, the DMR still has the potential to kill almost instantly if its recoil is still so minimal.

However, Warzone YouTuber and gun tester JGOD believes that the DMR nerf has changed the gun, but just not enough. He thinks that Raven should nerf the DMR again to bring it in line with other guns in the game.

Players will hope that the potential second DMR nerf comes quicker than it did the first time.

JGOD’s research has also uncovered that a Cold War and Warzone Blueprint does more damage. Could Blueprints be pay-to-win?

There is also a 20x scope in Warzone that lets players get headshots from over 600m away. Players need to use this while they still can, as it is one of the glitched scopes in Warzone that have no glint.

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