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Warzone Fans Are Getting Bored of Waiting for Content

Call of Duty: Warzone fans aren't the easiest bunch to please, but players everywhere are getting bored of the battle royale.

To keep a battle royale feeling fresh, developers need to make meaningful regular additions to the game. Just take a look at Fortnite, which changes up the weapons and adds new POIs to its map on a regular basis.

However, Call of Duty: Warzone is a slow-burner when it comes to map changes. We had the addition of a train, a broken stadium roof, an underground subway system and even a shipwreck - but that's all spread out over the last year.

Now Warzone fans are getting bored of waiting for new content, and some of them are even reportedly quitting the game.

warzone verdansk zombies
(Source: Activision)

After all, the only new Warzone content right now is zombies moving to the Prison. Despite an exciting Warzone zombies teaser, it appears that the undead spawn has been moved with zero other changes.

Warzone Players Could Be Quitting the Game Soon

It looks like more than a few Warzone players could soon be quitting the popular battle royale.

Despite a total player count of over 85 million users, Warzone's active player base could soon be dropping. And it's not just because Warzone hackers can now end the game early, should they choose.

Although Warzone cheating is at an all-time high, the game may actually be at an all-time low content-wise.

warzone season 2 fans bored
(Source: Activision)

Players recently got all excited about the Warzone anniversary possibly bringing a major nuke event with it. However, nothing of interest actually occurred on the game's first birthday.

Now even NICKMERCS is talking about quitting Warzone, although not for himself.

"If this game continues to go down the direction that it's been going for a while now... I'm telling you, I can guarantee you that people are going to start quitting this game."

In a recent upload, NICKMERCS claims that a lot of major content creators are already leaving Warzone due to a lack of content. But they could soon be back in droves.

After all, today we finally got a new leak revealing our first image from the next Warzone map.

And rumors suggest that once that new update does finally drop, we'll have to say goodbye to Warzone's Verdansk map for good.

We also know that a new Plague Mode is coming to Warzone before the new map in Season 3. And weirdly enough, a new Sandbox mode with races and obstacle courses is also coming to Warzone, if this leak can be believed.

It looks like there will be plenty of new content coming soon, if players can hold out just a little longer.

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