The MW3 Campaign has sparked new rumors and theories that the classic Warzone map Verdansk will be returning soon.

While there have been three large-scale Warzone maps so far, Al Mazrah and Caldera never quite reached the popularity of the original, Verdansk. This map was the one players dropped into when Warzone launched in March 2020, and is remembered very fondly by almost every fan.

Unfortunately, there’s been no official word of whether Verdansk will make a return to Warzone just yet. However, the MW3 Campaign suggests that Verdansk could be coming back to Warzone in the near future.

MW3 Campaign Points Towards a Return to Verdansk

Many Call of Duty fans believe that Verdansk will be returning to Warzone as large sections of the map have been remade and updated for the MW3 Campaign. The popular map seems too fleshed out just to be used in a Campaign.

The following four POIs from Verdansk have been updated for and feature very prominently in Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign:

  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Arklov Peak Military Base
  • Verdansk Stadium
  • Gora Dam

Zordaya Prison Complex

Zordaya Prison Complex is the setting for the first Campaign mission, Operation 627, where you descend into the Gulag to break out an especially dangerous inmate.

The prison itself is very recognizable, but there is a much larger military presence guarding the complex. Additionally, the inside of the prison is much larger.

MW3 Campaign Zordaya Prison Complex

Arklov Peak Military Base

The next POI from the classic Verdansk map you visit in the MW3 Campaign is Arklov Peak Military Base.

This is the setting of an undercover infiltration mission and features a greatly expanded admin building within the base.

MW3 Campaign Arklov Peak Military Base

Verdansk Stadium

Probably the most exciting Verdansk inclusion in the MW3 campaign is the iconic Stadium. You visit this around halfway through the Campaign, in the mission Flashpoint.

This mission starts with your driving through Downtown into the parking lot of Verdansk Stadium and has you fight your way through the stadium itself. While it is mostly familiar to Warzone players, this mission takes place 4 years ago, so you can see the Stadium in all of its former glory!

MW3 Campaign Verdansk Stadium

Gora Dam

Finally, in the Gora Dam Open Combat Mission, you start at the top of Gora Dam and can parachute down to the buildings and bridge below.

Unlike in the original Warzone version of this location, the dam is fully functioning. You can see water running in a river at the base of the dam.

MW3 Campaign Gora Dam

As shown by these four significant POIs in Verdansk being essentially remade for the MW3 Campaign, a lot of effort has been put into updating sections of the classic Warzone map already.

Therefore, it seems quite likely that Verdansk will return as a Warzone map at some point in the near future. Call of Duty fans certainly think so!

Fan Reaction

Verdansk being so prominent in the MW3 Campaign has led to many fans speculating about the classic map coming back. While players are not certain about the map coming back just yet, many believe there is a good chance we will see Verdansk again.

Prominent Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope certainly believes that Verdansk will make a return in March 2024.

This is not only because of the detail in the locations included in the MW3 Campaign, but also how the houses in Verdansk have been rearranged, judging by the background of the Gora Dam mission.

While there is no official word on a March 2024 release date yet, it would coincide with the 4th anniversary of Warzone and the release of Verdansk in Warzone Mobile!

Additionally, @HeyImAlaix, another leaker in the COD Community, has managed to parachute further around Verdansk. He has shared screenshots of Verdansk from above Airport and Stadium, from what we can assume is a modded version of MW3.

Even if it is modded or hacked, the fact that these locations are in MW3 already suggest that Verdansk could be returning to Warzone.

Could Fortnite OG Spark a Verdansk Return?

Of course, we couldn’t talk about a classic battle royale map returning without mentioning Fortnite. This is another factor worth noting in the potential return of Verdansk.

Fortnite recently broke its record player count by going back to its OG map so, clearly, there is a lot of interest from gamers in experiencing classic content again.

Even if Verdansk returning has not been planned yet, Activision may want to replicate Fortnite’s success by bringing back the classic Warzone map. After all, everyone loves a bit of nostalgia!

Similar to how Fortnite’s OG map has only come back for a month, Verdansk could return for a limited time. This could be to coincide with a celebration, like Warzone’s 4th birthday, or a new in-game event!

Only time will tell whether Verdansk will return to Warzone, but it certainly seems a lot more likely now. However, if Verdansk does come back, don’t expect an announcement about it for a while.

There’s still plenty more for Activision to reveal about the new Urzikstan map coming to Warzone in December 2023.

Therefore, if Verdansk is to return in March 2024, as theorized, we expect an announcement about it will arrive at some point around a month before, in February 2024. Stay tuned for a potential reveal!

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