Many Warzone players feel like Urzikstan is too empty and are asking the developer to increase the player count to 150!

Warzone’s current large-sized map, Urzikstan, supports games of up to 100 players. And while this seems like plenty to most battle royale fans, some are wishing for a busier map with more players.

In fact, they want to total player count increased to 150!

Does Urzikstan Need 150 Players?

Fans on the Warzone subreddit are asking Warzone developer Raven Software to increase the player count in Urzikstan to 150 as it currently feels “empty”.

This is the amount of players that were in Al Mazrah lobbies at the start of Warzone 2.0.

The reason behind players asking for the increased player count is that it would make matches more fast-paced and exciting, as well as there being no reason to fight with ground loot, as getting your custom loadout is so easy with a sparsely populated map.

While an increased player count seems ideal for players who want excitement in Warzone, it might not be as good as it seems. In fact, there are a number of reasons why 100 players may be better!

Warzone Shooting on Zipline

Why 100 Players May Be Better

Firstly, having a player count of 100 in Urzikstan will make Warzone more stable and run smoother. Previously, back when Al Mazrah had 150-player lobbies, the Warzone servers began to struggle, especially when multiple players were completing Strongholds.

Therefore, keeping the player count to 100 is probably better for smooth gameplay.

Secondly, having lobbies of 150 players will increase the already long matchmaking time of Warzone. Nobody wants to be sitting on a matchmaking screen for longer than they have to!

Warzone Shooting on a Cliff

Finally, Urzikstan’s player count of 100 is good as it differentiates the map from the fast-paced action of the Resurgence maps, Vondel and Ashika Island. Some players prefer a slower battle royale experience, and there needs to be a mode for everyone.

Plus, you can always play fast-paced Resurgence games in sections of Urzikstan like Popov Power and Orlov Military Base!

Orlov Military Base MW3

No matter how you feel about the pace of matches in Urzikstan, you can still get excited about the return of a fan-favorite Warzone map. Rebirth Island will be coming back to Warzone soon!

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