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Warzone Fans Are Poking Fun at Riot Shield Players

Warzone is a game all about tactical, high-adrenaline gunplay and the occasional Riot Shield player. Now, Warzone fans are poking fun at those who would hide behind a shield rather than fire back at enemies.

One of the most controversial loadouts in Warzone history, players have a lot to say about the Riot Shield class. Mostly, it appears, Warzone fans hate coming up against those who hide behind the equipment’s bulletproof surface.

With a Riot Shield in hand, an enemy can safely approach any player, so long as they are mindful of explosives. Using the right Perks, the player is pretty much invincible, unless you can flank them.


In Solo matches, this tactic can be particularly hard to deal with. Meanwhile, the Riot Shield user can melee you to death up close or simply shoot you when you turn to flee.

Now, Warzone players are poking fun at Riot Shield players for their choice of playstyle. We’d say it’s all in good fun, but we’re not entirely sure anymore.

Warzone Fans Mock Riot Shield Users

In a new video by YouTuber Jake Ricca, the Warzone fan pokes fun at Riot Shield players. The mockumentary format claims that Riot Shield users adopt the weapon due to being a “weak and scared person.”

The video shows off common Riot Shield tactics, such as stunning a reloading enemy after deflecting their entire clip. Ricca’s caricature of a Riot Shield user describes it as “the easiest kill of your life.”

“If I don’t have a bulletproof door in front of my face all game, I feel naked and afraid.”

Nowadays, a lot of Warzone players are adding Thermite to their loadouts to deal with Riot Shields. Encountering an enemy with bulletproof equipment is hard to deal with for many users.

Some commenters on Reddit are completely against the hate for Riot Shield users. Whether they’re running the class themselves or simply enjoy taking down the build in-game, not all Warzone players are mocking those who enjoy a shield.

There are certainly some instances when even Warzone fans get behind a Riot Shield player. For instance, just last week, when two Riot Shield players beat a Warzone hacker.

And if there’s one thing that the game’s community hates more than shield users, it’s Juggernauts. That’s why when the Warzone Juggernaut vs. Riot Shield showdown took place, we all knew who to root for.