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Warzone Fans Accuse Record Breakers of Cheating SBMM

Did these Warzone Record Breakers cheat SBMM to get an extremely easy lobby?

Warzone content creators are always looking to break records. It always takes a bit of luck, but these streamers are being accused of cheating.

Players can abuse SBMM to get very easy lobbies using these methods. This makes it far easier for players to get kill records as they are playing against players who are far less skilled.

SuperEvan and TBE_Newbzz got a total of 107 kills - a new record for Duos in Quads. After smashing the current record by over 20 kills, players were immediately suspicious and looked into their record-breaking match.

Fans Claim They Used Warzone SBMM Cheat

Fans used the new Warzone SBMM website to check the skill level of the lobby and their findings were suspicious, to say the least. Nothing can be proved but a number of stats indicate they could have manipulated SBMM.

Checking the skill level of the lobby found that SuperEvan and TBE_Newbzz played in a lobby with a skill level of Bronze 1. This is the bottom 1% of players and fans think they could have cheated Warzone SBMM to get an easy lobby for their record.

Top players like SuperEvan and TBE_Newbzz should never be put in a lobby like this, even if they are playing against larger squads. This is because their KD ratio is over 5, whereas an average player will have around 1 kill per death in Warzone.

This has led to players accusing them of manipulating Warzone SBMM to get an easy lobby for their record. Popular content creator OpTic Hitch also posted a cheeky tweet poking fun at how easy the lobby was.

Nothing can be proved, but it does certainly put the validity of the record into question.

However, cheating SBMM isn't the only exploit in Warzone. The infinite stim glitch is back and just as game-breaking as ever.

Players are also using this Warzone glitch to land quickly without opening their parachute.

Although the biggest problem in Warzone is to do with Blueprints. Warzone is 100% pay-to-win since JGOD found out that blueprints deal extra damage.

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