Warzone players look back fondly at the original battle royale map Verdansk – but it wasn’t just nostalgia that made it good, the gameplay design was better back then too!

It’s fair to say that Call of Duty fans love a bit of nostalgia, whether it is looking back at past games in the series or seeing classic maps return in new titles. This fondness of what came before extends to Warzone as well.

Of course, the original Warzone map Verdansk was iconic, but the setting itself may not have been what made the game so enjoyable. A popular new post on the Warzone subreddit highlights how different the gameplay in Warzone was back then too!

The post by Sydarmx goes into detail about how Warzone used to be a lot more high-stakes, challenging, and exciting back in the Verdansk days, for a number of reasons.

Everything from the amount of cash available to how powerful vehicles were made Warzone very different to how it is now – and probably for the better! Here are the main reasons why the gameplay design of Warzone was better in Verdansk:

Cash Is Now Too Easy to Find

The first issue with Warzone in its current state is that cash is too easy to find, thanks to loot boxes replenishing every 3 minutes. While this means you can spend more time shooting and less time looting, it actually has the opposite effect.

With cash being abundant in Warzone right now, players don’t have to search for money or go after players to get more. This problem is compounded by the cheaper $3000 cost of buying players back.

Therefore, it leads to more camping in the game, as players can easily get everything they need with just one trip to a buy station.

Warzone Season 1

Powerful Items Are Too Common

When Warzone launched, it was very rare to find Gas Masks, Self Revives and Killstreaks from looting boxes. However, making them more common drops has made for less satisfying gameplay.

As players usually don’t have to risk going to Buy Station if they have all of the equipment they need, it leads to fewer battles between squads, and allows players to camp more.

Warzone Verdansk Gas Mask

New Pick-Ups Are Too Strong

Back in Verdansk, Warzone didn’t have Gulag Entry Kits, Redeploy Tokens, or Perk Packages. While many players like these newer additions to the game, others think that they speed up the gameplay too much.

Both Gulag Kits and Redeploy Tokens remove the jeopardy of dying in Warzone, while Perk Packages mean that players no longer have to risk going for a loadout any more to get powerful abilities.

Lootable Perk Package

Vehicles Are Now Useless

Another complaint that Warzone players have in 2024 is that vehicles are almost entirely useless. Now, with Redeploy Drones and ziplines around the map, vehicles are basically no longer needed.

In the early days of Warzone, vehicles were extremely powerful for getting around the map, but you also ran the risk of an enemy using C4 to blow you up. Now, the traversal methods are much safer, meaning there’s very little jeopardy when rotating around the map.

Warzone 2 Car

Audio in Verdansk Was Better

Finally, many players also believe that the audio in Warzone was much better in the Verdansk days. The example that Sydarmx gives is having to sneak up the air traffic control tower in Verdansk Airport as quietly as possible otherwise, enemies at the top would hear you.

This is a stark difference from now, where players can’t even hear enemies parachuting next to them!

Warzone Skydive

Whether you agree that the gameplay in Verdansk was better or not, Warzone certainly plays very differently from how it used to. There will almost certainly be a group of players who prefer the faster-paced Warzone of 2024 with lower stakes than the battle royale experience of 2020!

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