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Warzone Fan Fixes Roze’s ‘Invisible’ Pay-to-Win Rook Skin

Warzone’s most popular skin is almost invisible in-game – here’s how to fix the Pay-to-Win Roze skin.

Since the launch of Season 5, players have been complaining about one skin in particular above all others. The Rook skin for Roze is a Legendary unlock, found solely in Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

The all-black skin is infamous for having next to no visibility in-game. Rook Operators can hide in the darkest areas of Verdansk and appear almost completely invisible with ease.

Roze Rook Skin Warzone Invisible
(Source: Activision)

After a recent tournament, Warzone players even started a petition to remove Roze’s skin from the game. Because when everyone is using the same cosmetic skin, there’s something seriously wrong with the battle royale.

And that’s before the new Warzone Roze glitch that makes the Operator’s head invisible appeared. Now the Season 5 veterans have even more of an advantage than ever before.

Fix for Warzone’s Invisible Rook Skin

In a new popular post on the CODWarzone subreddit, user Krauzber has found the best possible fix for Warzone’s Rook skin.

In an effort to make the Operator as visible as possible, the Warzone fan has tried their best to brighten up the skin. Instead of removing Roze’s Rook cosmetic from the game, this small change would allow it to still be fair and balanced.

Warzone Rook Pay-to-Win Skin
(Source: Activision)

Of course, we don’t think many people would still use Roze’s new appearance. Especially as Rook is now kitted out with a high-visibility jacket over the top of her all-black appearance.

This would definitely cause a lot of players to stop using Warzone’s most Pay-to-Win skin but that’s probably for the best at this point.

Until a major change comes to the Rook skin though, here’s a great way to counter the invisible Warzone skin when you come across it.

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Of course, even using the all-black skin isn’t as bad as when Warzone players abuse the invisibility glitch in-game.

And now Warzone hackers are even able to end games early, thanks to a new exploit.

As we’re finally seeing images of the new Warzone map leak online, it can’t be long until the battle royale makes a big change. But if rumors are to be believed, Verdansk isn’t coming back once the nuke hits!

Perhaps the new map will come with changes to Warzone’s infamous Roze skin at long last.

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