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Warzone New Insane Explosive Round Sniper Build Discovered

A new incredibly powerful explosive rounds sniper build has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone. This class loadout will help players wrack up the kill in the popular battle royale game.

If you are looking to improve your game in Call of Duty: Warzone and you fancy a change of weapon, you might want to check out this new sniper build. Take out your enemies safely from afar with an explosively volatile and extremely overpowered loadout.

For one of the best Warzone explosive rounds sniper loadouts, you’ll want to follow this guide. Remember, picking the right attachments and weapons can make a huge difference in Warzone.

Warzone Explosive Round Sniper Loadout

There are many different approaches to take in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, if you prefer to take fights from a distance, then having an explosive rounds sniper on your side can definitely help to turn the tide of battle. Here is the best sniper build for the Rytec rifle.

Popular Youtuber Westie has shown off just how devastating the Rytec sniper rifle can be. Whilst it’s not everybody’s first choice, the weapon is actually deceptively powerful with the right attachments.

Similarly, if you are using aim assist, it might be worth checking out Warzone’s best aim assist settings to help improve your accuracy in-game. This small change might make the biggest difference for Warzone players, so we definitely recommend you give it a go.

The Rytec sniper rifle is a well-rounded weapon, allowing you to force enemies to play a bit more carefully at range. Furthermore, it can be used to zone other players, using explosive or incendiary rounds to block doorways or access points is a clever tactic.

Warzone sniper
(Source: Activision)

One-shot from the Rytec with an explosive round is enough to completely break a player’s armor. Furthermore, it is effective against vehicles due to its explosive impact.

According to Westie, the key to this explosive rounds sniper loadout in Warzone is in the Tac Laser. The Tac Laser is important in that it massively reduces the insanely long ADS times with Warzone’s sniper rifles.

Alternatively, we also have Warzone’s most overpowered shotgun class for Season 2. Take a look for yourself if you prefer getting up in the mix instead.

Best Rytec Explosive Round Loadout In Warzone

According to Westie, the Rytec sniper rifle can be put to great use with the right attachments. These attachments are the key to unlocking the power of the Rytec rifle, otherwise, you may be dealing with an unruly weapon.

Interestingly, another attachment that seems to make all the difference for this explosive round sniper build, is the XRK Mastadon stock. This stock allows for greater aiming stability, ensuring your rifle is much more accurate and allowing you to easily take out enemies.

The full recommended loadout for this build can be seen just below. Remember, feel free to experiment for yourself if another attachment is more to your liking.

However, this loadout comes recommended for the most accurate and powerful build. With the addition of explosive rounds, you will find a shot to the head will destroy armor, the following explosive blast is enough to quickly dispatch an enemy.

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Check out Westie’s full Rytec explosive rounds sniper loadout just below so you know exactly what to use for the best results:

Rytec Explosive Rounds
(Source: Westie – Youtube)

Players might be able to take this build into other Warzone maps soon enough. A leak has revealed that a new Warzone map is coming alongside every future Call of Duty game.

Furthermore, Warzone is due to get a huge mid-year content update, according to another leak. This is sure to inject some much-needed content into the game for players.

Similarly, a Warzone teaser has hinted that Zombies will take over Downtown Bank next. If you don’t fancy dealing with the undead hordes up close, bring your new class loadout with you.

In other news, Call of Duty 2021’s setting has been revealed to be set in an alternate reality. This could spell a rather interesting change compared to past Call of Duty titles.

Finally, if you want to see Westie’s full loadout, including how it can best be used in-game, you can check out the full video just below.

(Source: Westie – Youtube)
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