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Warzone Exfiltration Trios LTM: How to Farm Easy Wins and Kills

Warzone has a new Exfiltration Limited Time Mode that's perfect for farming wins and kills in the battle royale. Here's how you should be playing:

When Warzone has a good Limited Time Mode, you're going to know about it. After all, it's all that the fans will be talking about, and when it's gone it's all that they'll complain about.

But what's different about the new Exfiltration Trios mode in Warzone right now is what it can do for your stats. Not only is the fast-paced game mode quick and enjoyable, it also counts towards your in-game stats.

Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

That means that players can boost their K/D and win-rate with ease, just by playing Exfiltration Trios in Warzone. And due to the game mode's hyper-aggressive nature, it's a perfect way to boost your account.

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Warzone Exfiltration Trios Leads to Easy Stat-Boosting

In a new upload by popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD, the pro player reveals just how good Exfiltration Trios can be for stat-boosting.

After all, like it or not, the Limited Time Mode does count towards your official Warzone statistics, including your K/D ratio and wins. And thanks to games lasting only 15 minutes or so in total, this is the perfect way to farm in-game.

In fact, JGOD himself played 10 games of Exfiltration and won all of them, leading to a huge boost in both XP and his win ratio.

How to Farm Wins in Warzone Exfiltration Trios

All you have to do to win a game of Exfiltration is be the last person holding the radio when the time counts down to zero. But with a lot of people rushing the same point, it pays to come prepared.

Warzone Trio
(Source: Activision)

Drop with your squad and loot up quickly, getting a loadout as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could grab Warzone's most overpowered new gun to help eliminate the competition.

When the radio spawns a few minutes into the game, you and your Trio want to ideally nab the objective and retreat to a power position inside the ring.

UPDATE: Player feedback is in and Warzone fans hate Exfiltration Trios!

Find a vehicle that works well for your needs and swoop in on the target location, to be sure you're able to grab the radio and defend it. If the radio is looking a little hot, you can sit back and let teams fight it out first before coming in to clean up the area.

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Then, find an easily-defendable position like the upper floor of a building and you'll be racking up kills and wins in no time.

How to Boost Your Warzone K/D Ratio Fast in Exfiltration Trios

If you're more focused on farming kills to boost your Warzone K/D, you can ignore the radio-holder. Instead, try to third-party as many incoming teams as possible.

Most players will be solely focused on grabbing the objective, which sets them up for incredibly easy kills. This is especially true, given that SBMM is said to be very weak in this mode.

In the past, players have had to use this trick to beat Warzone SBMM and find easier games.

In fact, even the new Warzone World Record was set in a Bronze 1 lobby.

Whenever there's a turnover of the radio in Exfiltration Trios, all Warzone players will respawn on the map. With so many lives available, you can really rack up the kills in-game.

Right now, Warzone's new Zombies are starting to leave the Shipwreck and head into Verdansk. It's only a matter of time before the leaked Warzone Plague mode becomes a reality.

And after a total Zombie invasion, it'll be time for the Warzone Nuke event to finally drop and wipe out Verdansk for good.

(Source: JGOD)

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