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Does This Warzone Easy Money Trick Give You Fast Cash?

There’s a new easy money trick in Call of Duty: Warzone, but does it really increase your cash flow?

Finding cash is essential to dominating the Warzone. After all, looting and taking down enemy players will net you a significant sum, which can then be used for a quick early-game loadout.

After that, earning money is still essential in the battle royale, as you’ll use it to purchase Warzone’s best Scorestreaks, and even to buy back team members. So when a streamer finds an easy money trick in Warzone, you’d be a fool not to use it – right?

Warzone Plunder Money
(Source: Activision)

As it turns out, it might not be quite that simple. Although in the past, we’ve seen a trick to get fast cash and an instant loadout in Warzone!

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TimTheTatman’s Fast Money Trick in Warzone

Recently, Warzone streamer TimTheTatman posted a new fast money trick on Twitter for his following.

In the clip in question, the Twitch streamer throws down all his cash before opening new supply boxes in Warzone. Every time he does so, the crates drop a large sum of money, allowing the streamer to quickly gain enough money for his loadout.

It seems that no matter how many times TimTheTatman tries the tactic, it seems to work flawlessly. The user even believes that he may have cracked the code in Warzone.

The idea here is that the supply crates detect how much money a player already has, and provide poor users with more cash. If this trick is legit, it’ll become the new Warzone meta very quickly.

Then again, we’ve seen TimTheTatman win a Warzone game with no guns, so the streamer clearly doesn’t even need to rely on getting his loadout.

But YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has done some digging, and all is not as it seems anyway.

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Fast Cash Trick in Warzone or Pure Chance?

In a new upload, TheXclusiveAce puts TimTheTatman’s easy money trick to the test, trying to see if the strategy is legit.

In order to create a fair testing ground, TheXclusiveAce tries opening 50 supply boxes in Warzone, both with and without cash in his inventory. And the results show that on both runs, the user would find roughly the same amount of boxes with money inside.

What’s more the amount of money inside the boxes was also, on average, the same. Despite a small difference between the two figures, it looks as though this easy money trick has been debunked in Warzone this time around.

Easy Fast Money Trick Warzone
(Source: TheXclusiveAce)

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Recently, the battle royale surpassed a huge milestone, with an insane number of hackers banned from Warzone. It’s nice to see that Activision is following through on its promise to invest more in Warzone’s anti-cheat.

Meanwhile, we’ve got both John McClane and Rambo coming to Warzone in the new update. And we already have an early glimpse of the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes for those interested in what’s to come.

But for those looking for the ultimate Warzone tips, bear this one in mind. Make sure to turn off this Warzone setting which is causing a major aim problem!

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