The Warzone Drone Parts Easter egg has finally been solved and it gives you both an exclusive Loading Screen and a permanent UAV Recon Drone.

If you’ve been wondering why Drone Parts are popping up in your Warzone matches, you’re not alone. Thankfully, we now finally know what these strange items do!

Drone Parts Easter Egg Guide

When dropping into a game of Warzone, 5 Drone Parts will spawn around the map.

Drone Part Battery in Warzone

These parts can spawn at any one of the locations shown in the image below, making them difficult to track down. Spawns will change every game, making Drone Parts incredibly frustrating to locate.

What’s more, the Drone Parts will all despawn after around 2 minutes in-game, meaning you’ll need to find them quickly!

All Drone Part Locations in Warzone
Credit: Warzone Tac Map

This map of Drone Part locations was put together by Warzone Tac Map, who was also the first person to successfully complete the Easter egg!

Collecting all 5 parts and taking them to the building site north of Shahin Manor will allow you to assemble a UAV Recon Drone.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be done in a single game – any Drone Parts you manage to deliver and place on the assembly point will remain there for future games!

Where to Take Drone Parts in Warzone

Unfortunately, it is possible (and likely) to find duplicate Drone Parts on your hunt for the rest of the pieces.

And, of course, if you die, all Drone Parts that you were unable to place at the assembly point will be lost.

What to Do With Drone Parts

When you find a Drone Part in Warzone, you need to take it to the crates beside the solar panels to the north of Shahin Manor.

There are 5 parts to collect:

  • Drone Part: Battery
  • Drone Part: Blades
  • Drone Part: Body
  • Drone Part: Left Wing
  • Drone Part: Right Wing

Once a Drone Part is placed on the assembly point just north of Shahin Manor, players can put together a Drone piece-by-piece.

Where to Build Drone Parts in Warzone
Credit: Warzone Tac Map

Thankfully, all parts do stick around between games, so long as they’re placed in the assembly location.

Don’t worry about dying – your parts will be waiting for you next game!


After completing the Drone Parts Easter egg in Warzone by assembling all 5 pieces of the Drone, players will unlock the following rewards:

  • Eggs-Illant Navigation (Loading Screen)
  • UAV Remote Drone that follows you for the duration of your game (unless shot down)

It’s a lot of trouble to go through for a Loading Screen reward.

Drone Part Easter Egg Loading Screen Warzone

However, if you do drop into a game and discover a Drone Part, it’s worth taking it to the assembly point, in order to unlock a permanent UAV Drone for a future game.

Be warned though, the Drone will always fly above your head, giving your position away.

What’s more, while you can use the drone to spot enemies easily, other players can easily shoot down the Killstreak, rendering it useless.

Ultimately, we don’t expect many players to go out of their way to complete this Easter egg. But having secrets to discover in Warzone is part of what keeps the Battle Royale fresh and interesting!

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