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Warzone Double Riot Shield Glitch Makes You Bulletproof

Warzone’s double riot shield glitch is the latest crazy powerful bug that effectively enables players to become bulletproof. The latest glitch is causing havoc for many who simply don’t know how to tackle the double shield menace.

Recently it feels like Warzone is in the midst of more bugs, problems, and weapon balancing issues. For example, whilst some are dealing with a bug that kicks people for inactivity, others are struggling against the no recoil weapons meta.

warzone best bullfrog loadout season 4 - fastest killing SMG riot Shield Glitch

Furthermore, console players are now also facing a huge problem with the introduction of cheats for consoles in Warzone. If you want to know how it’s possible for Warzone players to cheat on console, we have covered the story here.

As a result, players are also calling for major changes to the ever-popular battle royale mode. There are now calls for Raven Software to introduce an ingenious new feature to combat cheaters.

Warzone Double Riot Shield Glitch
(Source: Activision)

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Now, the latest double riot shield glitch is allowing players to effectively become invincible, a hugely unfair advantage out on the battlefield. Here is everything that we know about the new bug, however, it’s likely that this will be patched out fairly soon.

Warzone Double Riot Shield Bug Causes Mayhem

Thanks to a new glitch, players have discovered the latest overpowered technique to help them achieve victory out in the field. Interestingly, the double riot shield glitch is enabling players to equip two riot shields at once as part of their loadout.

Game-Breaking Warzone Loadout Drop Glitch Gives Players No Guns
(Source: Activision)

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Now, under normal circumstances this shouldn’t be possible, however, riot shield users have found that the new bug turns them into a bulletproof fortress. Furthermore, having two shields equipped at once protects players from both the front and the rear.

Take a look at the image down below which shows off the loadout menu with the two riot shields equipped. Currently, it is unclear what is causing the glitch to happen, but it’s unlikely it will stick around for long. Furthermore, a frustrating new Warzone bug is also stealing wins from players.

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Double Riot Shield Glitch
(Source: Activision)

However, bear in mind the obvious disadvantage is that your entire loadout will be focused around close-quarters combat. Although, If you’re in the mood for a challenge, why don’t you give the double riot shield glitch a go? you might find it quite different from the usual run & gun style of gameplay.

In other news, popular Warzone content creator NICKMERCS has announced he is quitting Warzone battle royale modes. It appears that many people are starting to get fed up with the current state of the game.

Similarly, players have even devised a genius way to avoid SBMM and get much easier games. If you are finding the battlefield a little too hard, you may want to give this method a go. Furthermore, if you want to check out a short clip of the double riot shield glitch in action, take a look just below:

(Source: Twitter)

Finally, check out our open bolt delay guide for Warzone, which includes all open bolt delay times. If your bullets aren’t quite hitting the mark, you might find that you’re unaware of this feature.

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