Warzone DMZ Season 4 added the brand-new Vondel map, which has a new Weapon Case to get and a new boss to kill – the Bullfrog.

However, killing the Bullfrog is very different to other DMZ bosses, so you’ll need to be prepared if you want to kill it and get the Weapon Case!

How to Get Vondel Weapon Case in Warzone 2 DMZ

To get the Weapon Case in Vondel, you must kill the Bullfrog boss. This is an amphibious vehicle that travels across the map, which you must destroy.

After destroying the Bullfrog with weapons or explosives, it will drop the Weapon Case. You can then pick up the Weapon Case and exfil from Vondel.

The Bullfrog Vondel Canal

The Bullfrog and Weapon Case Location in Vondel

The Bullfrog boss, which carries the weapon case, will spawn in Vondel once the timer counts down to 17:30. It spawns in one of the four corners of the map at random, where it drives out of the water and onto land and then across the map.

Once the Bullfrog drives into the map, you will get a popup saying ‘Bullfrog Entered Vondel’, alongside its location, and the Weapon Case it carries will be highlighted on the map.

Even if the location is highlighted, killing the Bullfrog and grabbing the Weapon Case is far from simple. You will need a vehicle to do this because the Bullfrog drives around the map until you destroy it.

The Bullfrog Spawn Locations DMZ

If you get a notification saying that ‘Bullfrog is Driving to a New Location’, it means that the boss has driven out of the map but will reappear in one of the corners shortly. Keep an eye on your map to see which corner it appears in.

The Bullfrog is Driving to a New Location DMZ

How to Kill the Bullfrog in Warzone DMZ

To kill the Bullfrog in DMZ, you must damage it with your weapons and explosives until it is destroyed. You can also use the DDOS Field Upgrade to temporarily disable it.

You will want to get a vehicle of your own to keep up with the Bullfrog and drive behind it while avoiding the mines the Bullfrog drops!

  • Load into Vondel in DMZ and find a vehicle.
    • The new TAV is perfect for this as it can drive on land and in water.
  • Wait until the timer counts down to 17:30, as this is when the Bullfrog spawns.
    • You can wait in one of the four corners of the map to have a 1 in 4 chance of being where the Bullfrog drives into Vondel.
  • Look at your map, find the Weapon Case icon, and drive over there.
    • The Bullfrog is carrying the Weapon Case.
Vondel Weapon Case Location Map
  • Once you have found the Bullfrog, drive behind it and shoot it with everything you’ve got!
    • One of your squad can drive while the others stand on top of your vehicle and shoot the Bullfrog.
      • Be careful to avoid the mines it drops behind it.
      • Do not ram into the Bullfrog, as your vehicle will explode if you do.
  • The Bullfrog will drop items like Self Revives, Armor Plates, and Mines on the ground behind it.
Chasing the Bullfrog Warzone DMZ Vondel
  • If you can get close enough, use the DDOS Field Upgrade to EMP and disable the Bullfrog temporarily.
    • This makes it an easy target and also allows you to hop on top of it.
DDOS EMP The Bullfrog Vondel DMZ
  • Once you have destroyed the Bullfrog, it will drop the Weapon Case, a Gold Skull, and a 2-plate vest.
    • You can now pick up the Weapon Case and exfil from the map at one of the three extraction points.
Pick Up Vondel Weapon Case Warzone DMZ

Now that you know how to get the Weapon Case in Vondel, you may want to attempt some more challenging Weapon Case extractions on the other maps:

Vondel Weapon Case Rewards

You can earn six rewards from extracting the Weapon Case from Vondel. You must extract the Weapon Case six times to get every reward. The rewards are:

  • Neptune’s Wake Vehicle Skin – Extract 1 Weapon Case
  • First Mission Calling Card – Extract 2 Weapon Cases
  • Shard Attack Calling Card – Extract 3 Weapon Cases
  • Speeder Emblem – Extract 4 Weapon Cases
  • Steady Approach Loading Screen – Extract 5 Weapon Cases
  • Between The Eyes Blueprint for the SP-X 80 – Extract 6 Weapon Cases
All DMZ Weapon Case Rewards Vondel
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