A new DMZ bug in Warzone 2 is stopping players from being able to unlock the new FR Avancer and Carrack .300 via exfil.

DMZ has been a resounding success for Call of Duty, bringing a simplified tactical extract shooter to players who may never have experienced the genre before.

But what’s particularly great about the Warzone 2 mode is that it gives fans a way to unlock weapons with ease. All players need to do at the start of a new season is find the newest guns in DMZ and extract with them.

Carrack .300 in MW2 and Warzone

Unfortunately, a new bug is stopping players from doing just that to easily unlock the FR Avancer and Carrack .300.

Why Isn’t FR Avancer & Carrack .300 Unlocking With DMZ Exfil?

A new bug in Warzone Season 5 is causing select weapons, including the new FR Avancer & Carrack .300, to not unlock when a player exfils with them in DMZ.

“We are investigating reports of some DMZ players being unable to unlock certain weapons via successful exfil as intended,” the Warzone Trello Board reports.

Usually, getting your hands on the new guns and successfully exfilling would be enough to unlock them in-game.

It’s an easy way to unlock the newest weapons without grinding the Battle Pass, and it even lets you drop your already-unlocked gun for a friend to exfil with.

Now, many fans are reporting that the DMZ trick isn’t working with the Season 5 additions: the FR Avancer and Carrack .300.

The good news is that Activision is aware of the issue and is already investigating. The bad news is that no solution has been patched into the game as of yet.

For now, here are the only ways to unlock the FR Avancer and Carrack .300 in Warzone & MW2:

We’ll update this article as soon as a patch arrives to fix the DMZ bug.

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