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Warzone DMR Nerf Coming in Huge New Balancing Patch

This DMR nerf might just make Warzone fun again.

In the biggest news of the year so far for Warzone, a huge new balancing patch is coming that will completely change the meta of the game.

Warzone developer Raven has announced on Twitter that a number of overpowered guns will be nerfed as part of a new balancing update.

Upcoming Warzone Nerfs

DMR-14 Nerf

The first overpowered gun getting a nerf is of course the DMR-14. This nerf has been needed ever since the start of the Season 1 as players use this totally overpowered DMR-14 loadout to win matches easily.

It is the most powerful weapon Warzone has ever seen, with high damage, non-existent recoil and a fast fire rate. Players have even claimed the gun has ruined Warzone completely for them.

Raven’s changes to balance the weapon will be interesting to see. Here are some ideas about how Raven could nerf the DMR in Warzone.

Type 63 Nerf

The next gun on Raven’s nerf list is the Type 63. This tactical rifle falls into the same boat as the DMR.

While not as controllable as the DMR, it has the potential for even faster time-to-kill when using the best Type 63 loadout for Warzone.

It makes sense that Raven wants to change the Type 63 at the same time as the DMR. The Type 63 would begin its own reign of terror if it wasn’t nerfed alongside the DMR.

Warzone DMR Nerf

Diamatti Nerf

A couple of close-range guns are also getting nerfs in Warzone, in addition to the DMR. But one of them may be controversial.

The balancing patch will also affect dual pistols in Warzone. Most likely, this is due to many players using the Dual Wield Diamattis as their secondary weapon instead of an SMG.

This gives players a huge advantage in Warzone as they can pick up a class with the Ghost perk early in the game whilst still being able to have two very powerful guns.

This is the best Diamatti class for Warzone.

This nerf will most likely affect the hip fire and reload speed of Dual Wield guns as that is the most easy thing to nerf. The Diamattis are only powerful at extremely short range so nerfing the hipfire accuracy will reduce that range even further and make them worse than primary weapons.

MAC-10 Nerf

Warzone’s upcoming DMR nerf is welcomed by almost everyone, but there is disagreement with another possible weapon change. The potential nerf to the MAC-10 SMG has split the player base down the middle.

The gun seems to tread the line between powerful and overpowered. Most players will agree that it is the best SMG in the game, but not by much.

Hopefully, the MAC-10 nerf will only be a small tweak to bring it in line with the other top SMG options like the MP5 and MP7. For now, it’s still best to use these attachments on MAC-10 to have Warzone’s most powerful SMG.

Raven Software Twitter

When is the Balancing Patch Coming?

UPDATE: The Warzone nerf changes are LIVE for the DMR-14, Mac-10, Diamatti and Type 63 – Here’s What’s Changed

Raven has not announced when the balancing patch will go live so players will have to wait for the Warzone DMR nerf for now. Raven usually releases small patches every Tuesday so that’s the likely time it’ll arrive.

These changes will only apply to Warzone and not Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. This is promising as it allows both games to stay competitive and balanced.

Maybe Raven is too busy fixing this bug where Rebirth Island players can glitch into walls. They could also be looking into how this player got into the Gulag with his loadout.

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