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Warzone DMR 14 Recoil Pattern – Before and After Nerf Update

Raven Software recently announced a Warzone update which nerfed the DMR 14, among other weapons.

The DMR 14 has reigned supreme in the Warzone "Meta". Dominating gunfights at any range. 

The DMR 14 offered a high damage output at a constant fire rate making every other weapon obsolete in Warzone. 

It's been several weeks since Black Ops Cold War was introduced into the Warzone experience and players have been asking the developers to nerf this overpowered designated marksman rifle. 

Nonetheless, this week raven software stepped up and announced that a DMR-14 "nerf" was coming on Twitter.

The "Infamous" DMR 14 Nerf 

We didn't have to wait long, just a day after Raven Software released the new weapon balancing update containing the DMR 14's nerf

However, it's not all that it seems to be. These nerfs to the "Meta" weapons appear to be more significant on paper than they are in action. 

Warzone Fans Hate the DMR Changes and are questioning if it was even Nerfed.

The DMR 14 Damage - Before And After Update

The DMR 14 Damage Nerf - Before And After

Pre Patch: The DMR 14 dealt 175 damage to the head.

Meaning, that just two headshots to a full armored enemy would naturalise the target.

Post Patch: The DMR 14's headshot damage was reduced from 175 down to 114. 

Meaning, there is no longer the possibility of a 2 headshot kill. 

Also, this damage decrease will no longer allow the DMR 14 to get a three-shot kill by mixing 1 headshot with two upper torso shots. 

As it stands the DMR 14 is 5 shot kill to the upper torso.

The only possibility of reducing the number of bullets it takes to kill is by landing at least one headshot with 3 upper torso shots, or by landing 3 shots to the head.

DMR 14 Recoil Pattern - Before And After Update

Let's take a look at the recoil pattern before and after the nerf side-by-side, doing a 5 shot recoil plot from 30 meters away with no attachments.

DMR 14 Recoil Pattern Before And After Update

Is clear to see that this so-called "nerf" was actually a buff to the recoil. 

The overall bullet grouping is tighter towards the end of the 5 round test, with the only difference being a bigger jump from the first to the second bullet.

Nonetheless, the total magnitude of the recoil has been reduced.

Leaving us to conclude that this might be unintentional and that it could be fixed with a coming update in a few short days.

However, with the history of weapon balancing in Warzone, it might be a few weeks.

In my personal opinion the DMR 14 is still the most overpowered weapon in Warzone and if you want to know how to set it up, check out our guide: 

GUIDE: Best DMR 14 Cold War Class & Warzone Loadout

To wrap up, the DMR 14 does not only need the initial "nerf" to its recoil that was previously intended but also another nerf on top of that to stop it from being the most dominating weapon in Warzone. 

However, what do you think? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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