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Warzone Disappearing Red Door Glitch Confuses Players

Warzone’s new Red Doors are mysterious enough as it is, without glitches making them even more of a surprise!

With Season 4, Warzone has begun to embrace the crazier side of Call of Duty. Now, players can find mysterious Red Doors at various locations across Verdansk.

These Red Doors transport players across the map to loot-filled rooms, but some players have been encountering a strange problem with them.

But first, check out our Warzone Red Door Guide to find out all the details about how they work.

Warzone Red Door Fast Travel System

Warzone Red Door Glitch

Warzone Season 4 added loads of new content to Verdansk, including the Red Doors, but it has also caused a number of problems. Players are suffering from lag spikes and disconnects, amongst other issues.

Now, a new video posted to the Warzone subreddit shows a couple of players ready to hop through one of the Red Doors. However, the door closes again before they can enter.

This is very frustrating for the players as they have missed out on some great loot. Not to mention being able to teleport across the map.

The players simply go up to the door and open it, but it shuts again straight away, before they have a chance to use it. This is a strange glitch, but there are a couple of possible explanations.

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Why Do Red Doors Disappear?

It’s not known what caused this Red Door glitch, there are a couple of theories provided by Warzone players in the replies.

Firstly, it could have been to do with both players trying to open the door at the same time. This caused the door to open and close again, and then disappear.

Alternatively, the door could have just despawned at an unfortunate time, due to the loot room it would have led to being in the gas.

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If this is a glitch, then let’s hope that Warzone developer Raven Software fixes the Red Doors in the next Warzone update.

red door teleport fast travel warzone

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Sunday 11th of July 2021

It has nothing to do with opening the door at the same time or the loot room being in the gas, because I’ve opened red doors solo like 2 minutes into the game and still lost them