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Warzone’s Terrible Dirt Bike Needs A Huge Buff in The Next Update

The Dirt Bike is a new addition in Warzone Season 4, but players don’t like it at all!

Vehicles are a pretty big part of Warzone. They make getting across the huge map quick, allowing you to outrun the gas or rotate and take up a good position.

However, the newest vehicle added to Warzone, the Dirt Bike, is by far the worst one in the game. It arrived as part of the huge new Season 4 update in Cold War and Warzone.

This has prompted players to complain about it on the Warzone Subreddit and ask for some major changes to the vehicle.

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Warzone Dirt Bike Truck

Why Is The Dirt Bike in Warzone So Bad?

A new post from Warzone player u/tcarnie on Reddit reveals the biggest problem with Warzone’s Dirt Bike.

It is supposed to be the fastest vehicle in the game, but the suspension slows it down way too much. Every time you turn or go over a bump it slows down the Dirt Bike so much that even a Cargo Truck can catch up with it.

Players are still using trucks to win Solos in Warzone easily, so you should definitely avoid the bike in this game mode.

However, a few small changes could make the Dirt Bike a top tier vehicle…

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How To Buff The Motorbike

Simply enough, the Dirt Bike needs to be balanced so it goes a bit quicker in Warzone. The straight-line speed and acceleration are fine but when the bike has to turn or go over bumps it slows down way too much.

If the suspension of the bike was tweaked so that it could go quicker in these situations, then it could potentially be a top-tier vehicle in Warzone.

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Cold War Warzone Dirt Bike

Meanwhile, Warzone players on the subreddit aren’t just asking for a Dirt Bike buff. A dynamic weather system in Warzone would help keep the game fresh.

Also, players are suffering from a frustrating new Warzone glitch that is stealing wins. Let’s hope you don’t come across this.

Finally, find out how to claim a free anime weapon blueprint in Warzone & Cold War. This freebie might not last for long!

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