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Warzone Devs: “Major Improvements” Made to Buy Station Crashes

Raven Software says, while there are still instances of freezing when accessing the Buy Station, going forward players should see “major improvements”.

Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t in the best state right now.

The battle royale’s integration with Vanguard, and the move to Caldera, have thrown up plenty of issues.

Not least, the unreliable performance of many of the game’s weapons. A major factor in the decision taken to delay the start of Warzone Pacific Season 2.

And in the background of all this is, of course, Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard. Announced last week, news that the owners of Call of Duty (and many other titles) would become part of Microsoft sent shockwaves through gaming.

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And while fears about CoD’s continuing future on PlayStation consoles have been abated. It still leaves an air of uncertainty hanging over the game.

Thankfully, through all this, Raven Software are keeping their eye on the ball and today announced a fix to one of Warzone’s most frustrating issues.

Freezing at Warzone’s Buy Stations Should Be a Thing of The Past

Usually, Buy Station’s in Warzone are a welcome sight. The place you can purchase your favorite loadout, buy back dead teammates, replenish equipment, and purchase Killstreak rewards.

They are not supposed to make the game crash. But that is exactly what has been happening for the past several weeks.

Starting in December of last year, players began reporting that accessing Buy Stations was making their game crash. It was most pronounced on Xbox but all platforms were affected.

Buy Station crash fix

Raven Software has been working on the issue for the best part of a month and now it appears that the problem has been fixed – most of the time.

In a tweet that went out on January 26, Raven Software claimed “major improvements” had been made to the Buy Station freezing. Though, the developers did caution they were still encountering problems with it.

Major improvements have been made to reduce the frequency at which Players freeze while accessing the Buy Station.

Please note that we are still seeing instances of this issue.

Thank you for your patience while we continue our investigation.

Raven Software

Reaction to the hotfix hasn’t exactly been met enthusiastically by the player base. With so many issues needing fixed, it seems the Buy Station glitch was the least of their worries.

Much now rests on Season 2 to get disenchanted players back on board as there are signs that enthusiasm for the game is waning. One example; Warzone’s Twitch view count is plummeting.

And put aside the bugs, and many Warzone fans simply find Caldera boring, and even with potential map changes coming, it may be too little too late.

It might be that Warzone only gets back on track with a true sequel. Which recent reports state may be coming sooner than you think.

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