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Warzone Developer Steps Up Anti Cheat, Bans 100,000 Hackers in 1 Day

Warzone developer Raven Software is continuing to improve its anti-cheat measures and has now just banned 100,000 hackers in one day!

Hacking has been the biggest problem in Warzone ever since the game launched. However, it seems to be getting worse with every passing day.

Luckily, Raven Software has stepped up the anti-cheat efforts with a huge ban wave, adding to the over 500,000 hackers banned from Warzone so far.

This is especially important right now because many players believe hackers and cheaters have ruined Warzone Season 5.


Warzone Hackers Banned Before Anti-Cheat Arrives

Warzone hacks keep evolving all the time, with cheaters now able to teleport and move at super speed. What’s more, they aren’t only on PC now either, players can now download Warzone hacks on console too.

Luckily, Warzone developer Raven Software is committed to removing hackers from the game, until the new and improved anti-cheat arrives.

Just yesterday, the developer banned 100,000 Warzone hackers in the largest ban wave the game has ever seen. This, combined with issuing hardware bans for Warzone hackers, means that the number of cheaters should finally decrease.

Additionally, the ban waves are just a temporary solution to improve the situation before, hopefully, the hackers are removed once and for all. This is because Warzone is getting a new WW2 map with improved anti-cheat later this year.

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Do you think Raven is doing enough to stop hackers from playing Warzone or are you just waiting for the improved anti-cheat to finally arrive?

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In other news, a leaker has revealed the Warzone Halloween event and horror movie operator skin. This event could also finally be when the Verdansk Mines open up in Warzone.

Finally, JGOD has compared Warzone’s FOV on console and PC. The differences are absolutely huge!

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