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Warzone Developer Hints Anti Cheat is Coming Soon, Bans More Hackers

Warzone developer Raven Software has hinted that an improved anti-cheat system is in development, in addition to banning thousands more hackers from the game.

All Warzone players will know that cheating is a major problem in the game. and, unfortunately, this issue has been getting progressively worse over time.

It’s now reached the point that Warzone hackers have totally overrun Verdansk, causing many players to leave the game behind. Even top Warzone streamer NICKMERCS has quit Warzone to play Apex Legends.

However, not all hope is lost. Raven Software has just hinted that the long-awaited improved Warzone anti-cheat could arrive soon.

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Call of Duty Warzone Tempered Perk in Season 5

Warzone Anti Cheat Coming Soon?

All the way back in April, Activision announced that it was “investing more resources” into improved Warzone anti-cheat. However, nothing more has been said about the matter since.

Although, Raven Software has hinted that the improved anti-cheat may arrive soon.

In a new tweet, Raven announced that it had banned 50,000 more Warzone hackers in a huge ban wave. This adds further to the half a million cheaters banned in the first year of Warzone.

However, what is more interesting is a hint towards an improved anti-cheat system in Warzone. The tweet said:

“More importantly, we are listening and hard at work behind the scenes.

We will have more info for you soon.”

Raven Software
Call of Duty Warzone Mid-Season Event in Season 5

While this is no more than a hint at anti-cheat, players will be happy that Raven Software has been listening to their complaints.

Let’s hope that Raven knows the huge changes Warzone needs in Season 5, otherwise, even more players might leave the game behind.

Also, a huge leak has revealed that Call of Duty Vanguard’s anti-cheat could be coming to Warzone too. This could be what Raven is hinting at.

Meanwhile, the new season of Warzone is upon us. Check out everything in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5.

Additionally, there will be a huge mid-season event coming to Warzone soon. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the unveiling of a new Warzone anti-cheat system!

Finally, Season 5 is also introducing two new Warzone-exclusive perks. Find out what they do:

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