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Warzone Developer Confirms Secret Nerfs to Two Popular Guns

Two of the most powerful guns have been hit in a huge secret Warzone nerf.

Game balancing is a big issue with all multiplayer games, and Warzone is no different. Everyone gravitates towards the most powerful guns, and the game can become stale without any changes to the meta.

Warzone went through multiple metas since its launch in March. The Grau and the Bruen were both very popular until their nerfs, but now few people use them.

This new weapon nerf had initially gone under the radar as Warzone players enjoyed the amazing new Rebirth Island map, but players have started to notice the popular guns feeling not quite right.

Nerfs to Warzone’s Kilo and R9-0?

Amos Hodge, Creative Director at Raven, revealed earlier in the week that Raven nerfed two fan-favorite guns. This change didn’t appear in the latest patch notes, so it was a big surprise to players.

The two guns in question are the Kilo assault rifle and the R9-0 shotgun, which fans have dubbed the “doof doof.” Raven has also nerfed Dragon’s Breath incendiary shotgun rounds too, so the “doof doof” era might finally be over.

Amos Hodge revealing the Warzone nerf
(Source: Amos Hodge)

The Kilo’s Warzone Nerf

The meta Kilo loadout before the Warzone nerf

The Kilo’s Warzone damage range took a hit with this update. It’ll still barely have any recoil – but it might take an extra shot or two to kill at long ranges.

Expect this gun to stay in the meta, but it may not be the king of long-range beaming any more.

The R9-0’s Warzone Nerf

The meta R9-0 loadout before the Warzone nerf

The R9-0 paired with the Dragon’s Breath rounds has suffered even more, though. Both the max weapon damage and the tick damage from the burning have been reduced.

It won’t be as easy to down a player in one burst now, putting it in line with other shotguns in Warzone.

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This news is music to the ears of players and content creators alike. NICKMERCS asked to remove or nerf the gun as recently as last week.

What Warzone Guns Can Replace the Kilo and R0-0?

Players are theorizing that a new overpowered Season 1 battle pass weapon, the MAC-10, will take over the close range meta. Find out how to level up the battle pass as quickly as possible.

Raven also buffed the agency suppressor attachment for Cold War guns in Warzone. This change essentially makes it equivalent to the always popular monolithic suppressor found on Modern Warfare guns.

This should make the Cold War guns added to Warzone a lot more viable as now they have a suppressor that can actually increase the damage range of guns.

If the Kilo or R9-0 were one of your go-to Warzone weapons, now might be the best time to give a load of new weapons a go in the Warzone Christmas Double XP period.

Although it’s challenging to enjoy the battle royale at all right now, as Warzone’s infinite Stim exploit is breaking the game. Hopefully, Raven Software will be able to come out with a fix faster than they resolved the Warzone invisibility glitch.

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