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Warzone Players Demand Huge Ground Loot Change in Next Update

The ground loot in Warzone at the moment is terrible and players have had enough.

Warzone begins with all of the players dropping out of a helicopter into Verdansk. As players only start with a pistol, they have to quickly find some more powerful weapons if they want to survive.

However, the weapons they find on the ground are far from ideal. This has prompted players to demand some new ground loot weapons in the next update.

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Warzone Needs A Ground Loot Update

Even at the beginning of Season 3, players were complaining about the terrible Warzone ground loot. However, the weapons available to find around Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island haven’t changed since then.

This has prompted many players on the Warzone subreddit to once again ask developer Raven Software to shake up the ground loot. But one weapon in particular really needs to be removed.

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When players parachute in at the beginning, they are equipped with a 1911. This pistol is pretty useless, in fact, many players use the overpowered melee rather than the starting pistol.

Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense that players can find 4 different versions of this pistol as ground loot in Warzone. This includes exactly the same common version that every player starts every game with.

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Warzone Season 3

Additionally, players are also complaining about the effectiveness of other weapons, chiefly the M60. This is probably the most common gun to find as ground loot, but it is totally useless.

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High recoil, slow mobility, and even slower fire rate make the M60 one of the worst guns in Warzone, yet it is one f the most common to find. Players are hoping that a future update removes this and the 1911 from the ground loot rotation.

However, some guns like the ground loot AK-47 will be much better now, thanks to the huge new Warzone optic buff.

What weapon would you like to replace these if Raven Software refreshed the ground loot in Warzone?

Meanwhile, Warzone players are still complaining about the terrible lighting in Verdansk ’84. Luckily, Raven Software has said that a fix for the blinding lens flare is on the way.

Finally, esports fans will be excited to find out about the new World Series of Warzone. It’s the biggest official Warzone tournament yet and will feature top players from across the world.

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