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Warzone Players Demand Overpowered Heartbeat Sensor Nerf

Do you think the heartbeat sensor needs a nerf in Warzone?

The heartbeat sensor is one of the most popular pieces of tactical equipment in Warzone. It helps you determine the position of opposing players, providing they don’t have the Ghost perk.

This is especially helpful for trying to find campers or formulating your plan of attack in the final circles. However, many players think that the heartbeat sensor is overpowered and needs to be nerfed.

Warzone Season 3 Downtown

Does The Heartbeat Sensor Need A Nerf?

The heartbeat sensor is certainly a very powerful piece of equipment in Warzone, and most players would argue that it is overpowered.

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The combination of it having a 50m range, unlimited uses, and it being totally silent for opposing players makes it too good.

However, Warzone players have taken to the game’s subreddit to propose a good change to the heartbeat sensor to make it more balanced without ruining it entirely.

Raven Software has been more attentive to fan requests recently and, luckily, a lighting fix for Verdansk ’84 is on the way.

Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensor Change Concept

The concept behind this heartbeat sensor change is, obviously, to nerf it. However, this proposed change would still mean the sensor is viable, but just more risky to use.

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If the sensor made an audible beep for opponents (in addition to the player using it) then players couldn’t just sit with the sensor ou all of the time. It would also mean players could possibly hear opponents with a heartbeat sensor and prepare for a fight.

Unfortunately, this would mean that the campers who use the overpowered Roze skin would hear you coming though.

What do you think of this proposed Warzone heartbeat sensor nerf? Do you think Raven should balance it in an upcoming update?

Meanwhile, the Warzone SBMM website is back up. Finally, you can track your lobby stats again.

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Additionally, Warzone could be getting some amazing new operators. New skins for the leaked Soap operator have been revealed, meanwhile iconic action star Rambo could come to Cold War and Warzone soon.

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