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Warzone December 15 Update: Hidden Change Removes Weapon Bloom

A brand-new update to Warzone has a hidden change that players have been asking for ever since Caldera arrived – weapon bloom has been removed!

Warzone’s new Caldera map has all of the World War 2 weaponry from Call of Duty Vanguard. However, this hasn’t necessarily been the best thing so far.

Vanguard weapons had a major problem in Warzone and this was still a problem with the launch of the Pacific map. The guns were simply way too inaccurate.

Luckily though, the latest Warzone update has totally removed weapon bloom from the game entirely! If you don’t believe it, Xclusive Ace has tested weapon bloom in Warzone Pacific already.

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Warzone Pacific Weapon Bloom Removed

Shortly after Raven Software confirmed that weapon bloom was in Warzone Pacific the system was changed.

Firstly, Raven significantly reduced the weapon bloom in Caldera to make weapons more accurate. However, this wasn’t enough for many players.

Now though, the December 15 update for Warzone has removed bloom from the game entirely. This wasn’t listed in the patch notes, but seems very clear, according to Xclusive Ace.

If true, this would be a huge change and would certainly bring Vanguard guns into the meta!

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Warzone Pacific

In his latest video, Xclusive Ace tested weapon bloom in Warzone Pacific after the latest update and found that there is no bloom in Warzone at all!

“They straight up completely eliminated aim down sight spread or bloom in today’s update.”

Xclusive Ace

It’s strange that Raven Software left this out of the official patch notes, however, the bloom clearly isn’t there any more. We assume that this was an intentional change and, so, maybe Raven will release more details about this change soon.

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Meanwhile, one of the other major complaints with the new Warzone map is the lack of field of view options on console. Luckily though, a developer at Raven has responded to the Warzone console FOV requests.

Also, the RICOCHET anti-cheat system is finally live in Warzone. Hopefully, this will remove hackers from the game once and for all.

Finally, the Warzone Christmas event is bringing loads of festive cheer to Caldera! Find out where to find Krampus and elves in the Festive Fervor event.

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