Warzone & MW2 has a new bundle that players believe is Pay to Win, as Dark Rituals 3 gives users access to a much clearer thermal scope.

In MW2 it sometimes feels like Activision is pushing the limits of what’s Pay to Win and what’s not. While the COD Store largely contains only cosmetic items, it’s slowly becoming a little more advantageous for players to purchase bundles with their hard-earned cash.

All the way back in MW2 Season 1 we had the LA Thieves skin put Roze to shame, with an all-black getup perfect for hiding in the shadows.

Dark Rituals 3 Bundle Pay to Win

Then, a few months ago, COD began to roll out special DMZ bundles, that give players additional Operator slots, or start players with a free UAV or self-revive.

And now, the Dark Rituals 3 bundle is drawing attention for having a new Pay to Win weapon scope.

Dark Rituals 3 Bundle Contents & Price

The Dark Rituals III bundle has now arrived in the COD Store, and costs 2800 COD Points. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get for your money:

  • Possessed Skin (Ghost)
    • Includes Point and Shoot Finishing Move
    • Also Includes Free UAV in DMZ
  • Active Duty Slot for DMZ
  • To Dust Blueprint (FR Avancer)
  • Death’s Door Blueprint (Cronen Squall)
    • Includes ‘Pay to Win’ Holotherm Scope
Dark Rituals 3 Bundle Contents & Price
  • Necrotic Blueprint (FJX Imperium)
  • Grave Digger (Grenade Skin)
  • Death’s Harbinger (Loading Screen)
  • Just Ghostly (Emblem)
  • Double XP Token (1 Hour)
  • Double Weapon XP Token (1 Hour)

Not only does the expensive bundle come with the usual Pay to Win DMZ content, such as a free UAV and a new Active Duty Slot, but the Death’s Door Blueprint contains an upgraded thermal sight.

Is Dark Rituals 3 Pay to Win?

Yes, a lot of players have decided that MW2 & Warzone 2’s new Dark Rituals 3 Bundle is Pay to Win, thanks mostly to its new Holotherm Scope.

The Dark Rituals Holotherm is far clearer than the base game’s version, and therefore gives players a significant advantage in-game.

Dark Rituals 3 Thermal Sight Pay to Win
Left: Regular Holotherm Scope, Right: Dark Rituals 3 Holotherm Scope
Credit: LegoUnlocked

The difference is night and day, giving players a clear incentive to spend money on the premium bundle.

Just check out a side-by-side comparison in this video by LegoUnlocked:

In addition, the bundle also contains a free UAV and Active Duty Slot for DMZ. However, the majority of Pay to Win complaints have certainly been directed at Dark Ritual 3’s thermal scope.

Warzone Players Are Not Happy With Dark Rituals III

“The game has gone P2W,” one Reddit user commented. “They crossed the line with the DMZ stuff and they’ll keep adding and adding. Shame”

The sentiment has been echoed throughout the community, with many users unhappy at the latest store addition.

Interestingly, the SZ Holotherm is actually a banned attachment in Warzone Ranked right now, so you won’t have to worry about it in your competitive games.

But despite some players pointing this fact out, it doesn’t change the fact that the Dark Rituals III sight is still overpowered in casual play.

We imagine that Activision will make some changes to the bundle before long, especially if enough players begin to complain.

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