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Warzone Damascus Camo Unlocked With Ridiculous Helicopter Snipe

This Warzone streamer got an insane kill to unlock the super rare Damascus camo.

The Damascus camo is the ultimate flex for Warzone and Modern Warfare players. It can only be unlocked after getting the Platinum camo for every gun in the game.

Therefore, unlocking the Damascus camo is something that most Warzone players will never do. Even if you gave players unlimited time to do it, it would still take a lot of patience and effort.

However, one Warzone player has unlocked the camo with a truly spectacular kill.

warzone helicopter catch

Amazing Damascus Camo Unlock in Warzone

A new clip shows streamer GAABA get a ridiculous kill to unlock the rarest camo in the game.

Damascus is still the most sought-after camo in Warzone. This is because Cold War players hate the dark aether camo.

Playing solo, GAABA was flying across the map in a helicopter when he noticed an enemy on a roof. There was only one thing in his mind from there.

He quickly switched seats in the chopper and got out his sniper rifle. With one smooth headshot, GAABA eliminated the enemy.

Little did he know that this was the amazing kill to unlock his Damascus camo.

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GAABA then switched back to the driver’s seat and flew off. The Platinum camo notifications began popping up on the screen before finally he finally unlocked Damascus.

Unlocking Damascus is rare enough, but this must be the most amazing way anyone has ever unlocked the camo in Warzone.

GAABA Reddit

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