Call of Duty Warzone 2 just got an exciting new game mode – here’s everything you need to know about the Warzone Cup!

The Warzone Cup is finally here, in celebration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This unique limited-time game mode puts Operators in the driver’s seat as they compete to score the most goals.

In a Rocket League-inspired setting, Warzone players must score as many goals in the opposing net as possible, while executing exceptional team play with 2 other players.

Al Easima Field is open for business, so it’s time to kick off and get your game on.

Warzone Cup Game Mode

What Is Warzone Cup?

Warzone 2’s new game mode is a 3v3 soccer match, where players must push a ball into the opposing team’s net with the use of ATVs. The mode is played in the Al Easima Field, home to one of Al Mazrah football club’s league rivals.

The ATVs players are driving aren’t just regular quad bikes, however. They’re kitted out with a special pulse ability, that can launch the giant soccer ball quite a distance, and lead to some spectacular goals.

They also come with boosters, to ram the ball into the net or disrupt the competition. Ramming into an enemy at top speed will also destroy the opposing team player’s ATV, forcing them to respawn.

Another way to ‘tackle’ your opponents in Warzone Cup is by collecting Shock Sticks. Toss one at your opponents to temporarily take them out of action by locking up their ATV for a few seconds.

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Warzone Cup

How to Win in Warzone Cup

To win a game in Warzone Cup, players must work with their teammates to score 5 goals. Alternatively, if both teams have too solid a defense, the winning team will be the one that was able to score the most goals at the end of the 8-minute time limit.

If you take an early lead, it might be worth focussing on defending, in order to win on time, rather than over-committing to the attack.

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Can Your ATV Jump in Warzone Cup?

No, although Rocket League players might expect to be able to jump on their ATV in the game mode, Warzone Cup does not have a jump button of any kind.

That means, try as they might, no player will be pulling off any stylish aerials or wall/ceiling shots like in Psyonix’s iconic car soccer title.

Do You Need MW2 to Play Warzone Cup?

No, Warzone Cup is a free-to-play mode, as displayed on its thumbnail in-game. It also appears in the Warzone section of the Call of Duty HQ, rather than the MW2 menus.

However, multiple Call of Duty fans have been met with a message that they’re unable to play the mode without owning MW2. We assume this is a glitch and will be fixed in the near future.

ATV Controls in Warzone Cup

  • Accelerate – R2/RT/W
  • Reverse – L2/LT/S
  • Turn – Left Analog Stick / A&D
  • Power Slide – L1/LB/CTRL
  • Toggle Ball Camera – Press Right Analog Stick / Mouse4
  • Horn: Press Left Analog Stick / G
  • Pulse: X/A/Space Bar
  • Shock Stick: R1/RB/Left Click (Hold to Aim)

Warzone Cup Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure one of your 3-man team stays in the goal area to act as the keeper. If all 3 players venture outside the net, the opposing team has an easy shot at goal.
  • Try to stay on the move rather than remain in one place. If an enemy tags you with a Shock Stick, you’ll be out of action for a moment.
  • Make sure to use Ball Camera to lock onto the ball often, but unlock the camera when you’re repositioning to get a good view of the pitch.
  • Send one player to grab a Shock Stick as soon as it becomes available. Hit the opposition’s goalie and you’ve got an unprotected net!
  • Use your special pulse ability to send the ball flying into the goal! However, sometimes it’s better to have your opponents think you’re going to use it, to get them to overcommit to a defensive dive before actually shooting.
  • Taking a trick from Rocket League, pulse into the enemy goalkeeper when your team is about to score to destroy their ATV and ensure they can’t stop the incoming shot.
  • Don’t forget that your pulse ability can affect other ATVs even if it can’t destroy them! If you can’t quite reach an enemy, you can still disrupt their dribbling.
  • Watch enemy players carefully. You’ll want to be aware of who is creeping downfield, and which one of them is holding a Shock Stick while making your own plays.
Warzone New Soccer Mode

Warzone Cup End Date

The Warzone Cup mode is a Limited Time experience that will only be active from December 14 (the start of Season 1 Reloaded) to December 23 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

Make sure you get your fill of the Rocket League-inspired game mode while you still can. And afterward, why not give the real deal a try?

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