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Warzone Crosshairs Glitch Makes Reticles Invisible

Warzone players are currently suffering from a glitch that makes crosshairs and reticles totally invisible.

Warzone is all about being the last man standing and the best way to do that is by killing all of your opponents. However, Warzone players have recently been affected by a glitch that makes it way harder to shoot their enemies.

Players have been reporting issues with their crosshairs and reticles for a couple of weeks now and there is still no fix in sight.

Warzone Ghost

Warzone Disappearing Crosshairs Glitch

Warzone players have had to deal with their crosshairs disappearing for a while now.

When aiming down sights, players sometimes have an issue where it takes a while for the sight picture to appear. This can be extremely frustrating as it means that players can’t line up shots.

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The sight picture will almost always appear after a second or so. However, this crosshairs glitch can be the difference between life and death in Warzone.

Even if you were using the best loadout for Warzone Season 1, you still wouldn’t have a chance of eliminating players if you cant see your reticle.

Warzone Sniper

Unfortunately, this Warzone crosshairs glitch affects players on all platforms. It also seems like it can affect any optic on any gun which is especially bad news for players using the 20x sniper scope with no glint in Warzone.

It is not known what causes the glitch and there is also currently no fix. However, players have been reporting this glitch since the Warzone 1.31 update that fixed the infamous stim glitch.

Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven will fix this frustrating crosshairs glitch soon.

owenh07 Reddit

Warzone players are excited now that the Season 2 trailer has revealed loads of new content. Find out every new operator, weapon, and scorestreak coming in Warzone Season 2 – let’s hope the crosshairs glitch is fixed by then.

A Warzone leaker has also theorized that the second bunker doors could open soon. This could lead to the destruction and removal of Verdansk in Warzone Season 2.

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