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Warzone Creative Director Hits Back at Operation Monarch Haters: ‘Having Fun Isn’t for Everyone’

Following a poll that asked users to vote if Operation Monarch was bad, a Senior Creative Director for Warzone has hit back at haters of the limited-time event.

While some fans seem to want Operation Monarch as a permanent game mode, the event isn’t for everyone.

Popular streamers TimTheTatman and DrDisrespect both called the event disappointing, but it seems that some fans did enjoy it.

And after a poll was conducted by ModernWarzone on Twitter, with over 70% of players not liking the event, the Senior Creative Director for Warzone has decided to hit back at haters of the new mode.

Creative Director of Warzone Hits Back at Haters of Operation Monarch

Replying to a tweet mentioning the aforementioned poll and its results, Ted Timmins, a Senior Creative Director of Warzone said “I respect all opinions and views, having fun isn’t for everyone.”

The reply from the Creative Director was posted on May 15. However, the response has made its way to the trending posts in r/CODWarzone.

Godzilla Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong Event

In a post titled “70% thought Operation Monarch sucked, Creative Director’s response was “Having fun isn’t for everyone”, many players defended Ted Timmins.

One user wrote “This seems like complaining for the sake of complaining” before continuing with “Complain about the [things] that keep the game from functioning. Textures, connection issues, all that good stuff”.

Another commenter replied “Cry more. His response is perfect. If you don’t like it, don’t play it.” And it seems that many others do enjoy the Operation Monarch event.

Of course, the poll did say that over 70% disliked Operation Monarch. However, players are more likely to vote if they didn’t like something, as opposed to if they did.

If you’re one of those players that do enjoy Operation Monarch, make sure to check out our best loadout for the Operation Monarch event.

And a new Kaiju arrived during the Operation Monarch event, with Mechagodzilla joining the Warzone store.

On another note, a recent Warzone 2 leak suggests some classic MW2 maps will feature in the Battle Royale.

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