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Warzone Console Vs PC FOV – Field of View Comparison & Differences

Check out a comparison between console and PC FOV in Warzone.

Visibility is a huge deal in battle royale games like Warzone. If you can’t see your enemy then how are you supposed to shoot them?

However, PC players can change their FOV, meaning that they can see far more of their surroundings and, therefore, enemies that may be nearby. Check out the huge difference a FOV slider makes in Warzone.


How Important is FOV in Warzone?

Field of View is, simply enough, how much of the surroundings a player can see. Therefore, being able to have an increased FOV gives a number of benefits.

Although, these benefits are only for PC players as console versions of Warzone have a fixed FOV. This gives PC players a huge advantage in Warzone for a number of reasons.

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Now, YouTuber Xclusive Ace to compare the field of view settings on PC and console and the differences are huge.

“It is one of the biggest advantages PC players have over console”.

Xclusive Ace

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Warzone Salt Mine

Warzone PC FOV

On PC, players have a slider where they can change the field of view settings. This setting lets them get all the way up to 120 FOV.

However, a higher FOV makes objects smaller on your screen. Therefore, many players decide to go with a FOV of somewhere between 100 and 110.

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Additionally, a higher FOV minimizes the visual recoil on weapons because you are further away from your weapon when you fire. It also makes people feel like they are moving quicker, which gives you more confidence to run across the map.

Despite this, even a FOV setting of 100 lets players see way more of their surroundings than a console player. This is why Warzone players have been demanding a FOV slider on console for ages.

Warzone PC Vs Console FOV 105
Xclusive Ace

Warzone Console FOV

Console players have a locked 80 FOV, which looks like tunnel vision compared to PC. Xclusive Ace says that having a FOV level much lower totally changes how Warzone plays.

Less peripheral vision makes players more paranoid of enemies being nearby and also increases visual recoil on weapons significantly. This is why the weapons of PC players look a lot less shaky while firing.

Therefore, with the huge PC advantage, the big question is will console versions of Warzone get an FOV slider?

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Warzone PC vs Console FOV 80
Xclusive Ace

Will PlayStation & Xbox Get A FOV Slider?

Nothing has been officially announced yet about a FOV slider on console versions for Warzone. However, developer Raven Software is aware that it is a highly-requested feature and is looking into it.

Although, a gaming insider has revealed whether Warzone will get a FOV slider on consoles. This information isn’t confirmed though.

Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X could very well see a FOV slider in Warzone soon, but PS4 and Xbox One are probably not powerful enough to handle it.

Let’s hope it arrives in Warzone Season 4, which is releasing very soon.

Meanwhile, Warzone players are also complaining about the terrible visibility in Verdansk ’84. However, developer Raven Software is going to fix the blinding lens fare in Warzone.

Additionally, a fix for the terrible NVIDIA DLSS aim bug is coming in a new update too.

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