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Warzone Console Cheats Advertisements Shut Down By Activision

Warzone cheats are ruining the battle royale experience, but now Activision is beginning to shut down advertisements.

Cheating in Warzone has always been a big issue, and PC users definitely get the worst of it. However, recently, a new way was discovered to easily cheat in Warzone on console.

This was a big problem, as many console players could at least stem the tides of cheaters by turning off cross-play. Now, it’s relatively easy for Warzone players on console to download cheats, including aim-bots and more.

(Source: Activision)

Thankfully, it looks as though Activision is making good on its promise to boost anti-cheat in Warzone. And, as hopefully the first of many steps in the process, the company is taking down videos that are advertising Warzone’s console cheats.

We know that over half a million Warzone cheaters have been banned to date, but the number never seems to be enough. After all, Warzone players can simply make a new account and use the same cheats once again.

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Activision Shutting Down Warzone Console Cheat Videos

Activision appears to be going after the Warzone console cheats advertisements, by taking down videos that show off the new software.

Although we’re sure many players would prefer the company to just upgrade its anti-cheat, or implement stricter penalties for cheaters, the company is at least taking action. As reported by the Anti-Cheat Police Department on Twitter, Activision is shutting down Warzone console cheat videos that are advertising the service.

“Activision is now aware of the console cheats and probably are going to make plans to take them down,” the account reports. “They started to shut down the YouTube channels that advertise the cheats this is good for the community”

Of course, this is going to help matters somewhat, by getting the new cheats on fewer players’ radars. But the software itself is still out there and causing problems.

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Warzone Cheaters
(Source: Activision)

We can only hope that Activision is working on a solution for Warzone console cheaters now that it’s clearly taking action. After all, issues are getting so bad that NICKMERCS is quitting Warzone battle royale modes for good!

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The popular streamer has gone on record claiming that Activision won’t ever be able to put anti-cheat in Warzone. And after 16 months of experiencing heavy cheating in-game, we’re inclined to agree.

After all, Warzone cheating is the worst it’s ever been in July 2021. And many fans are just waiting for Battlefield or Halo to release, in order to make the jump somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Activision appears to be focussing its efforts elsewhere at the minute. Reports indicate that a massive WW2 Warzone map is coming, with planes, tanks, and boats.

Let’s just hope that there’s room in the development schedule for some protection from cheaters too.

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