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Warzone Companion App Ruins the Game By Revealing All Players’ Stats

Call of Duty Warzone PC players discovered a companion app that gives them an advantage over opponents in their lobby.

The third-party PC exclusive application reveals each player's K/D and level in the pre-game lobby. At its core, it tells you whether or not the lobby is good and entices you to leave in search of an "easier" lobby.

Warzone content creator JaredFPS tweeted a clip about this companion app and why it is dangerous for the game.

Warzone Companion App Could Ruin SBMM

The main concern JaredFPS attributes to this new companion app is that it defeats the built-in Skill Based Matchmaking.

SBMM is integral for competitive games like Call of Duty Warzone. It is optimized to match players against equally talented opponents to create a fair experience.

Warzone Companion App Ruins Game
(Source: Activision)

Before the game even starts, PC players can enable this companion app. After viewing the stats of every player in their lobby, users can decide to either stay or back out to find a lobby with a lower average K/D.

This is devastating for the Call of Duty Warzone competitive scene. PC players competing in tournaments now have the opportunity to pick and choose which lobbies they play in.

Will This App Be the End of Warzone Hackers?

On top of showing in-game stats, this companion app calculates K/D and other stats to predict if a hacker is in the game.

However, as JaredFPS said in a follow-up to his original tweet, the companion app classifies good players as "hackers."

JaredFPS said really good players could trick the companion app to thinking they are hackers.

The app would probably detect HusKerrs, who recently broke the solo duos world record, as a hacker.

While the app is not supported by Warzone developers, there's no telling if it will be removed or if this advantage is here to stay.

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