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Warzone Companion App Changed After Player Outrage

The unofficial Warzone Companion App has been changed following player outrage at the app’s use.

Warzone fans have accused the Warzone Companion App of allowing others to cheat the game. App users could check the K/D of the other players when loading into lobbies.

There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding the app’s use in Warzone Kill Race tournaments. Some players were using the app to avoid difficult lobbies.

If competitors saw that their lobby might have other top players in it, then they would quit and find an easier game. They would do this so that they could get the highest amount of kills without wasting their time.

Warzone Companion App Change

Casual players were also using the Warzone companion app to back out of games they thought they would lose. This would help them beat the skill-based matchmaking system in the game which attempts to put players in lobbies with players of similar skill levels.

Players could also see whether their lobby contained any cheaters. Cheating is a huge problem in Warzone and is one of the many problems the game has at the moment, according to JackFrags.

Warzone Companion App Change

The Warzone Companion App has had two big changes. This completely changes how players can use it.

Firstly, the individual K/D stats for each player will now only be displayed once the match has begun. Secondly, the average K/D of the lobby will not display until after the game has ended.

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These changes severely limit the use of the Warzone companion app. However, it preserves the integrity of Warzone tournaments and stops players from getting into lobbies that are too easy for them.

ModernWarzone Twitter

Even if the companion app has been changed, Warzone still has a number of problems at the moment. None of which are as important as how they can nerf the DMR, the most overpowered gun the game has ever seen.

Players have also found how to glitch into walls on Rebirth Island. Bugs like these definitely need fixing if players will return to Warzone after becoming bored with the game.

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