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New Warzone and Cold War Open-World Zombies Mode Details Leak

The new Outbreak mode for Cold War Zombies has had new details revealed- and it's coming to Warzone, too.

Players have had a hard time adapting to the crossover between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

On paper, it seems like a great strategy to convince the players of the free-to-play Warzone to pay for the AAA Cold War. But many players feel it has been mismanaged.

Players have been wrestling with the new game's infiltration of the other CoD titles. Users are calling for Modern Warfare and Cold War to be officially separated, as the crossover strategy has diminished Modern Warfare's experience.

However, a new leak has revealed another crossover experience. And it looks exciting enough to please almost anyone.

Cold War Zombies - Coming to Warzone?

That's right, recent leaks have suggested that a new Zombies mode, titled Outbreak, will be coming to both Cold War Zombies and Warzone.

This isn't the first time Warzone has had a taste of zombie-themed gameplay, mind you. As part of the "Haunting of Verdansk" event, the "Zombie Royale" mode was introduced.

Warzone Zombie Royale Mode Gameplay
Warzone's Zombie Royale

Upon death, players would bypass the gulag and return to the battlefield as zombies. Zombie players can bring themselves back to life after collecting drops from killed players.

This mode was exciting, but there was a problem. Players would often wait around to die, as they just wanted to play as zombies. Their abilities were too exciting, and the mode became a playground for the undead.

However, this new leak suggests something slightly different.

Warzone and Cold War's Outbreak Mode Leak

A new leak has suggested a new zombies mode that will span both the latest full CoD title and Warzone together.

The mode is titled "Outbreak" and looks to offer Call of Duty players an open-world Zombies experience.

Call of Duty black ops cold war zombies firebase z map gameplay
Black Ops Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

A previous leak has revealed this mode, and it exposes Outbreak as a co-op zombies experience "on a large scale Fireteam map". Plus, new Zombies Easter eggs have been discovered in Warzone.

But another has appeared. New details have been clarified, and we have a better vision of what Outbreak will really look like.

A user named margwa_ posted a leak found in Warzone's code into the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit. It contained new details as to how the game mode will work, and what to expect from the map.

It has confirmed that the gamemode will take place over Cold War and Warzone, and it will feature a set of challenges that offer the player one blueprint for each set.

Warzone and Cold War Zombies' Outbreak - The Details

Two blueprints don't seem like much of a reward, but here's hoping they're incredible. Either that, or there are still details to be revealed.

Interestingly the leak connects to the two Ural Mountains theories. The Urals have been rumored to be coming to Warzone, and Cold War Zombies too. Could this be the mode that connects the Urals? Here's all we know about the Urals in Zombies so far.

There will be elite enemies (like the Megatons) and smaller special enemies (like the Mimics and Manglers). Potentially there will be new enemies to join the fray, as intel has mentioned new enemies are being found in the Ural Mountains.

There will be an option to exfil from the map, and from eyeing up the code, the leaker reckons there's a challenge for it too. So, it may not just be an option for escaping the map.

warzone zombie royale gameplay
Warzone's Zombie Royale

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The code mentions an ability to "warp", which suggests the potential to fast-travel around the map. We had no idea the map would be so big as to warrant fast travel, which is incredibly exciting.

The leak finally compares the free-roam nature of the mode to that of Destiny, offering an open space with world events and missions to complete alongside your main objectives.

That's all the leak suggests about the mode, but from all the information we have so far, it sounds incredibly exciting. Call of Duty has never attempted something of such scale for Zombies before, and we can't wait to see how it turns out.

If you're still looking to 100% the new Cold War Zombies map, here's our complete guide to Firebase Z. Plus, here's how to get the elusive Dark Aether Artifact.

And interestingly, this isn't the only event coming to Warzone soon. A new Easter egg has teased a "Nova 6" event.

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Monday 15th of February 2021

This sounds amazing! TOO BAD I CANT PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE BECAUSE IT NO LONGER LOADS AFTER AN APPARENT UPDATE. Its been nearly a week and the problem persists. Please fix your game as a large portion of your customers can no longer play the game they spent a decent amount of money for.


Saturday 13th of February 2021

Honestly as a long time zombies player and fan I am not happy about this at all. Warzone is ruining call of duty. I won't be buying future call of duty games unless changes are made.