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Warzone & Cold War ‘The Haunting’ Ghostface Operator Found in-Game

The new Ghostface operator from the upcoming Cold War and Warzone Halloween event ‘The Haunting’ has been found in-game already!

New operators are always some of the most exciting additions to Call of Duty. However, over the last year especially, the developers have added some really fun characters.

Comic book antihero Judge Dredd, as well as action star Rambo, have been recent high-profile additions to Call of Duty. However, the iconic operators appearing started with last year’s Haunting of Verdansk event.

Lucky for all you horror fans out there, this year’s Halloween operator has already appeared in-game. Get a sneak peek of the Ghostface operator in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event

Ghostface Operator in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Halloween Event

While we already know the release date for ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone and Cold War, little else is known about the event. However, players have just seen an accidental sneak peek of one of the operators coming with the event.

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey has found the first evidence of Ghostface from the horror movie series Scream appearing in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Apparently, he saw Ghostface appear on the Cold War operator select screen after a Zombies game kicked him out. He even shared his gameplay to reveal what Ghostface looks like in-game as well as his operator intro.

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This isn’t the only new operator coming in ‘The Haunting’ though. A leak has revealed a Donnie Darko operator skin coming to Warzone and Cold War too.

Are you looking forward to Ghostface and ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War? It’s only a couple of weeks away now so there will surely be plenty more spooky surprises.

Although, before Halloween, there is Season 6 to look forward to. Check out the Warzone Season 6 early patch notes.

Warzone Halloween Haunting Event

In other news, yet another Warzone event could be on the way soon. Data miners have uncovered details about the Warzone Pacific map reveal event.

Finally, a leaker has revealed the Warzone Season 6 Reloaded and Vanguard Season 1 start dates. Clear your calendar for those days!

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