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Warzone & Cold War ‘The Haunting’ Event Release Date – Halloween 2021

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War is getting a spooky Halloween event in 2021, but when is the release date for this year’s Haunting in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty players are always looking forward to the next event. They keep the game fresh and also give players the chance to unlock some exciting limited-time items.

Luckily, Call of Duty has announced a new Halloween event in Cold War and Warzone and has even confirmed the release date for it too.

Let’s just hope it is better than the ‘The Numbers’ event, which most fans hated.

Warzone Halloween Haunting Event

When is ‘The Haunting’ Warzone & Cold War Halloween Event?

Call of Duty players have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. The Warzone and Cold War Season 6 Roadmap has revealed plenty of exciting new content including all of the new Verdansk map changes in the update.

However, one hint that players can’t stop talking about is the upcoming Halloween event in Warzone and Cold War.

No details about ‘The Haunting’ have been revealed yet apart from the release date. However, previous leaks have uncovered what to expect from the Warzone Halloween event, and there should be some scary operator skins too.

Not only have rumors suggested that horror icon Ghostface could be a pre-order bonus for Vanguard, but also a leak has revealed a Donnie Darko operator skin in Warzone too.

Warzone Halloween Event

Call of Duty has announced that the release date for ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone and Cold War is October 19. Additionally, there will be a blog post on October 18 revealing more details about the event.

Let’s just hope there aren’t any more jumpscares, like last year’s ‘Haunting of Verdansk’ in Warzone!

What’s more, Warzone fans can also look forward to another upcoming event in Season 6. Check out everything we know so far about the leaked Pacific map reveal event in Warzone.

Warzone The Haunting Release Date

Meanwhile, horror fans will also be glad to hear that a new Zombies map is coming. ‘Forsaken’ is the Cold War Season 6 Zombies map.

What’s more, Forsaken will feature a brand-new Wonder Weapon called the ‘Chrysalax’. This could be the most powerful Wonder Weapon yet.

Lastly, after you make the release date for ‘The Haunting’ in your calendar, we have some other dates for you. The Warzone Season 6 Reloaded and Vanguard Season 1 release dates have been leaked.

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