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Warzone and Cold War Season 3 Weapons Leak Ahead of Reveal

A leak has revealed new weapons that could be coming to Warzone & Black Ops Cold War in Season 3. Interestingly, references to the new weapons were located inside the game files, which implies that they might make an appearance soon.

Season 3 leaks are abundant at the moment, very recently we reported on another Cold War Season 3 weapons leak. This one highlighted two possible weapons coming to the game. However, now another data-mining finding has revealed further weapons coming to the game.


Similarly, in another Season 3 weapon leak, one insider has revealed when this much-anticipated gun will be making its way to Warzone. It is sure to shake up the current meta quite a bit once it arrives.

If you’re curious about all of the Season 3 leaks for Cold War & Warzone so far, check out everything that we know so far. There are sure to be more leaks as we inevitably creep closer to Season 3.

Warzone & Cold War Season 3 Weapon Leaks

In a new finding, data miners have managed to locate information that hints at the possibility of three new and exciting weapons. Interestingly, amongst the new weapons is one fan-favorite that any die-hard Black Ops fan would recognize.

Credible leaker ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter has revealed possible new Season 3 weapons. In the latest finding, Zesty has managed to locate new game files that were added as part of the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Cold War Season 3 Weapons
(Source: Activision)

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Interestingly, the update appears to have added a number of new weapon files. The leaker had this to say regarding the appearance of the files:

These files are usually only added when weapons are in the final stage before release. With the addition of these files, we will most likely see these soon.

(ZestyCODLeaks – Twitter)

This implies that the weapons most likely will be arriving for Season 3. Players can look forward to new and exciting weapons making an appearance soon.

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Amongst the new weapons are some exciting additions, first off, and perhaps the most interesting is the Ballistic Knife. It appears that one of Black Ops’ most iconic weapons is returning, next to the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow which still has major issues at the moment.

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 weapon leaks
(Source: Activision)

However, the other weapons mentioned in the leak are more ambiguous. There is a reference to an ‘ar_t9fastburst’ which could imply some sort of burst rifle like the M8A1. Similarly, there is another line that mentions ‘sm_t9spray’, this could quite easily be some sort of SMG such as the CX9.

In other COD news, a new Warzone exploit allows players to access old and upcoming content bundles. Players have managed to take a sneak peak at the Sykov using this method.

Furthermore, Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard is already a ‘disaster’ according to one insider. The latest rumored COD title does not seem to be off to a promising start so far.

If you are interested in seeing the original Tweet for yourself, take a look just below. Bear in mind that this new finding is just a rumor, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, although it is extremely likely.
(Source: Twitter)

Finally, Black Ops Cold War players are calling the game ‘early access’ title due to their dissatisfaction with the game. Could the addition of new weapons perhaps do something to alleviate this, or does Activision need to be doing more?

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