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Warzone & Cold War Season 3 Cover Art and New Operator Leaks

There’s a new Warzone and Black Ops Cold War leak revealing both the Season 3 cover art and a new Operator.

Now that we’re less than a week before the release date of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3, it’s time to see the leaks come flooding out. And we finally know the aesthetic of the game’s upcoming major update.

Just yesterday, Raven Software teased ‘big surprises’ for Warzone Season 3 and we’re excited to find out what they are. And after a new Warzone bug gave out the overpowered Roze skin for free, it looks as though the developer is set to finally make some changes to the all-black cosmetic.

Warzone New Update
(Source: Activision)

Right now, players are angry that Warzone wins and stats are no longer tracking in the latest update. However, with Warzone players becoming zombies and still winning the battle royale, perhaps it’s for the best.

But what’s coming in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3? Here are all the Warzone and Cold War Season 3 leaks we’ve seen so far!

New Operator Leaks in Official Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Art

There’s a new Operator coming to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3, and she appears on the official cover art.

Although fans were hoping that the recent Mason Operator leaks were real for Cold War and Warzone, the protagonist isn’t on the cover at least. We’d say this lowers his chances of coming in this major update whatsoever, but it’s still possible for Mason to appear yet.

Or perhaps Activision will hold onto Mason for quite some time, as it has done with Soap. Although new reports do indicate that Soap’s release date is in sight for Warzone.

(Source: Activision)

Reddit user HalfMileRide appears to be the first to leak the new Warzone and Cold War Season 3 cover art. And alongside the images, we can see our first new Season 3 Operator.

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The female Operator has blonde quiffed hair, with her head shaved at either side and a twisted ponytail draping over her shoulder. She’s got a similar face mask to Stitch, and her ashen dark eyes give off a definite villain impression.

It appears that the new Season 3 Operator is standard against a destroyed backdrop, but it’s hard to make out exactly where they are. Perhaps it’s one of the new POIs for Warzone’s 1980s Verdansk map!

Leaker Nanikos reposted the new image on Twitter, however, they’re unable to officially confirm whether the leak is authentic. We’ll have to wait until the Cold War and Warzone Season 3 cinematic drops to see if this is legit.

And now we finally know exactly when the Warzone nuke is going off! With only days to go, we’re sure we’ll see more about this mysterious new Operator very soon.

Right now, Warzone has the most broken gun of all time – thanks to a new addition. In case you haven’t already seen, here’s the best loadout for the new Akimbo Sykov.

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