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Warzone & Cold War Donnie Darko ‘Frank the Rabbit’ Skin Found In-Game

The long-rumored Cold War and Warzone operator skin of ‘Frank the Rabbit’ from Donnie Darko has been found in-game. Check out a sneak peek!

Call of Duty players are always excited to see what new operators and skins are added to the game. However, this excitement goes up a notch when it’s approaching Halloween.

This is because a couple of skins based on iconic horror characters arrive alongside the in-game Halloween event.

While Call of Duty has now confirmed the long-rumored Ghostface operator for Warzone and Cold War, players are still waiting to see what the other operator could be.

Now, rumors that it could be a Donnie Darko skin have been seemingly confirmed. In fact, a leaker has revealed the first look at the ‘Frank the Rabbit’ skin in Warzone and Cold War!

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Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event

Donnie Darko ‘Frank the Rabbit’ Skin Coming in Warzone & Cold War ‘The Haunting’ Event

Players know very little about the upcoming Warzone Halloween event apart from the release date of ‘The Haunting’ in Warzone and Cold War. However, we now have our first good look at an upcoming operator skin.

Data miner @HeyImAlaix has shared a first glimpse of what the Donnie Darko ‘Frank the Rabbit’ skin looks like in Warzone and Cold War. It’s fair to say that it looks pretty spooky.

Additionally, this reveals that it won’t be a new operator. Instead, ‘Frank the Rabbit’ will just be a skin for Cold War operator Baker.

Another of Alaix’s leaks has revealed that the Warzone Halloween game mode will let players play as ghosts!

Will you be picking up this Donnie Darko Warzone and Cold War skin when Halloween comes around? Whether you do or not, Verdansk will be getting a lot more spooky over the next few weeks.

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Meanwhile, Warzone players will be dropping into a brand-new location soon. What’s more, a leak has uncovered the upcoming Warzone Pacific map reveal event.

Also, if this Donnie Darko skin isn’t your vibe, you can always play as a classic Black Ops character in Warzone instead. Find out how to unlock the Alex Mason operator in Season 6.

Finally, we have some important dates for your calendars. A leaker has revealed the Warzone Season 6 Reloaded and Vanguard Season 1 release dates.

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